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Previously on Orange Marmalade: Look At Me


Orange Marmalade: Look At Me

Chapter 1: Fool

I've come to the conclusion Baek Ma Ri is an idiot. Cute as she might be, I'm still baffled by the fact she likes a human. She is aware of how different we are from one another and how any sort of relationship can't be but something temporal, yet she seems to really like one. And not just any human, but Jung Jae Min. All humans hate us because they instinctively know that we are their predators, but this boy hates vampires even more than your ignorant regular human, and all alike. It won't make a difference that she's Baek Ma Ri; on the contrary, he'll be worse. So much worse. He won't be loyal and just accept her because she's cute when he wishes all vampires would just die. She makes me sound like a jealous guy when all I'm doing is looking after her. I'm trying to warn her, remind her she should stay away from any human before she gets found out and has her heart broken. If I'm freeloading at her home, the least I can do is look after her.

I know him. I've tried to warn her. What else can I do if she keeps getting closer, like a blind person walking towards the abyss? Clueless. Hopeless.

And seriously! Who does he think he is? Kissing her neck as if he was the vampire? Really, what was all that about? And what's wrong with Baek Ma Ri!? Why does she let him do that to her? I should've kicked him in the ribs right there to get him away from her but I can't just be that reckless, no matter how annoyed I am. I’m on the blacklist already and I think even fighting a human would alert the VCS. I'm already living on the edge; I don't want to be punished any more because of one human, a poor and stupid human who thinks he can touch her.

Baek Ma Ri should stop being a fool, open her eyes and realise there is no future with that guy. No happy ending or anything. The sooner she stops all this nonsense, the better. Jung Jae Min seems to be as dense as her and won't realise he should walk away from her.

To be honest, I'm a little scared. Not for me, even if I'm one step to Maximum Penalty. I'm scared for Baek Ma Ri because no matter how good and thorough she is, she can't lie forever. At some point whether he finds out or she tells him. Sooner or later he will know what she is and what happens then? Who will pick up the pieces when he reports her and she has to move? What do I do then? I don't think fear to be punished could stop me from killing him.

Now, as I listen to them talking and playing guitar I not only feel concerned about her, I also feel melancholic. My own fingers itch and curl, almost feeling the guitar in my arms, as if my own fingers were pressing and pulling the strings, bringing melody to life as they are doing. I still feel it in me, that urge pushing me to join them right now, not because I want to watch over them but because I want to play. But that’s just foolish. I won’t play with a human, no matter how burning the desire to make music is.

So I leave before I can’t control myself anymore. It feels almost like that craving for sweet blood. It is almost stronger than me and it makes me question my limits. There are too many things in that room calling me and I don’t have the energy to keep this for now. It’s music, it’s Baek Ma Ri, it’s that disloyal guy…

Really, why do I care so much? I’m getting a headache already.

I’m not in the mood to even have to deal with humans, so I look for a high and isolated place. There’s a rooftop that is locked, but that will not stop me. So I go there and just lie there, facing the sky and letting the warm sunlight caress my skin. I can hear the cacophony of school bellow me, but I’m not part of it and I do not care. I’m on my own. I don’t even bother to go to class. I don’t have the stomach to see Baek Ma Ri and Jung Jae Min stealing glimpses at each other during class. That would make me throw up the latest bit of blood I had today.

“Han Shi Hoo,” I hear and I would cringe at the sound of my name being called if it weren’t because I recognise her voice. So I open my eyes just to see Baek Ma Ri crunching down next to me.

“What?” I spit, not even bothering to sit up and face her properly.

“What are you doing here?”she asks next and I narrow my eyes. Her tone is too sweet considering how nasty I was to her this morning. In my defense, I was just trying to open her eyes, and it just drives me crazy that she likes a human.

“Keeping my sanity,” I reply and she chuckles softly.

“Avoiding everyone,” she interprets my words accurately. “You really don’t like this school, do you?”

“I am done with the whole school thing. I’m literally being forced to come here, Ma Ri-ah. If I try to refuse I can’t have my SPA dose.”Her expression becomes a bit worried and sorry and even if I should feel disgusted at the thought of someone pitying me, vampire or not, the fact that she worries about me a little bit stirs my heart somehow. “But not everything is bad,” I whisper the next part, avoiding her eyes.

She’s a vampire, of course she can hear me whispering that, but she doesn’t comment on it. She just lets it go and I’m not sure if it is because she knows what I’m referring to or because she doesn’t want to be nosy and ask.

“Do you want to do something to make this whole forced experience at least a little bit fun?” she asks now and I return my gaze to her, a bit more confused this time.

She’s captured my attention with that, so I sit, crossing my legs and facing her at the same time. “What do you have in mind?”

“I told you already I want to graduate from this school. I’m tired of transferring and I just want to…keep my sanity,” she quotes my words and a little smile comes to her lips.

I like that she can relax with me and smile and be more natural, even when she’s pissed at me. She doesn’t have to look over herself or even mind her words. She is free to be herself when she’s next to me. Then why does she go to that human instead of staying by my side? It’s easier and more natural like this.

“But I realised that if I just study, time won’t pass by faster so I think doing something else, something that I actually like, would help to make time go by in the blink of an eye.” Her words do make sense and I see the appeal in them. I certainly want to be over with this once and for all, but I don’t know exactly what she expects me to do or what she is planning exactly. Or why she is telling me.

“And what would that be?” I ask, resting my elbow on my knee and then cupping my face in my hand, watching her carefully.

“Let’s start a band,” she blurts out and my eyes widen a bit, that attempt of smile disappears as surprise takes over my features. “Your uncle talked to me and told me you quit music and things have been worse for you, so why don’t you start again…with me. You like music and it’s fun. And it surely will help us to go through this as we’ll have something else to focus on. What do you think?”

Playing music with Baek Ma Ri…that sounds incredibly tempting and makes my heart race. It would certainly add to the one thing that makes this experience not so bad, which is her. I’d like that very much. To play with her, her songs…even write music with her. That would be…great.

But then I remember that note that stupid human left for her, about making a band with her. And they were together before in the band club room.

“A band of two or would someone else join us?” I ask, dreading the answer.

“Well…” she hesitates and that makes me hold my breath. I don’t have a good feeling. “Jo Ah Ra would play the keyboards. It’s not my fault, your uncle said she would already and I kind of slipped there.”

“The jerk that played the prank on you? You want to be in a band with her?” I ask, incredulity shading my voice. “Are you mad?”

“I don’t want her in a band with me, but it happened. And you know what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” she attempts an excuse of a smile and I just roll my eyes.

“You’re a bigger idiot than I thought,” I mumble and now she’s frowning.

Yah!” she screams, punching me on the shoulder.

I chuckle at how short tempered this girl is. “Who else?” I ask next, because it still looks like a small band and I’m sure she’s keeping something else.

“Jung Jae Min.” she mumbles, and I heave a tired sigh.

I figured that much; after that scene in the band club room, it just seemed like it would end up in that. Seriously, this girl is the dumbest vampire I’ve ever met and even if I don’t want to be near those two humans, what else can I do? She’s setting a bomb in motion by joining that band with them. One will try to bring her down and the other will try to woo her. It has doom written all over it and if she will not protect herself, then I should be at least by her side to help her run and cover once the bomb blows up.

“What are you doing, Baek Ma Ri?” It’s practically a rhetorical question, yet she answers anyways.

“Liking what I like.” she replies and those words feel like daggers through my heart because I know very well where she heard them from.

How am I supposed to leave her in a band with him? I can’t even refuse now.

“Fine.” I sigh and I think she didn’t expect me to agree so easily.

“Really?” she inquiries bewildered and I chuckle. My hand reaches out and pats her head, ruffling her hair a bit and annoying her like that for messing up her hair.

“Really. It’s not like I have anything better to do.” And someone needs to look after you, I add in my head, with a deep sigh, now stroking her hair and pinching her cheek. She slaps my hands away with an annoyed expression and I just think she looks cute. “Let’s do this band together.”

“Okay!” she beams, smiling brighter than I’ve seen her since we were kids. My heart does a flip in my chest at the sight, confusing me a bit but I let it pass. I’ll deal with that later.

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