That existential crisis you face when your favourite K-drama ends... Do you feel me? I mean, I'm happy with how things ended, satisfied even, but still... there's a hole in my chest. I waited so long for this K-drama and now it's over and I'm very sad about that. Orange Marmalade is, without a doubt, one of my favourite K-dramas, and I will certainly watch it again pretty soon.

Regarding the fan fiction, it's not over yet. I mean, there are many loose ends in the story I would like to explore, and of course, this whole story started to give everyone with SLS a chance to see our lovely Shi Hoo end up with Ma Ri. So yes, I still have a few more chapters to write. I hope you will keep reading until the end. It won't be that long, don't worry.

If you haven't watched the finale of Orange Marmalade, this is your chance. After that, enjoy the chapter.

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Orange Marmalade: Look At Me
Chapter 10: Future

My heart sinks when Jae Min comes back, carrying her bag, returning her things. He didn’t let her go after all; he went after her and brought her back. Now he holds her hand proudly, standing by her side and even though I know she’s happy and probably dancing on cloud nine, I feel bitter. The selfish part of me wanted him to continue being a coward and a disloyal bastard, but it seems like he really loves her. For her own sake, I hope he always protects her and has her back. Otherwise, I won’t sit still.

I don’t know if I should continue coming to school. I’m basically here for Ma Ri, to help her, but it doesn’t seem like my presence is needed anymore. And the other kids have found out I’m also a vampire. I guess Ah Ra spilled the beans after all. And this was just the last push I needed. I don’t care about these little humans hating me or their childish attempts at bullying. Honestly, I couldn’t care less. I don’t even have a reason to tolerate them anymore. Moreover, it’ll only make things harder for Ma Ri if I stay in school. For as long as I’m here I’ll drag here with me, even if now with Jae Min the kids will hold back now, it will still have a negative impact on her.

That is why I leave early, with a decision almost made. I go to work because at the end I accepted the job, it’s just a way to spend time. It’s not like there’s something that moves me or anything. I just have to keep going. Maybe I could even work full time from now on.

I receive a customer I wasn’t expecting, a girl that shines bright and beautiful. She is beaming with happiness and even if it’s because she is with that human, it’s okay. She is happy and seeing her smile like this soothes my heart for the ache of not having her. I will deny my feelings for her until the last day, but I know very well what my heart is singing right now, and it’s her name: Baek Ma Ri.

“Shi Hoo-ah, Gomawo,” she says, with her eyes sparkling.

She’s a dummy, but that is also her charm. And I know I never did anything to make her indebted to me or anything. I did it because I wanted to make her happy, I wanted to see her smiling like this. I didn’t care if she never found out I pulled some strings, as long as she got what she wanted. However, I need to confess that hearing her say that moves something inside of me, a part I wasn’t aware existed. Maybe those simple words touched my heart.

Isn’t it funny how when you love someone you don’t even need to be with that that person in order to be happy? I mean, you are not completely happy because there’s always that greed one can’t get rid of. Maybe that’s the human part in us, even in us vampires. After all, long ago, like in those dreams when I was in coma, I was a human. But regardless of that, seeing her happy, even if it’s not with me, is enough.

I guess I love her more than I thought I did.

In the middle of my conversation with Ma Ri someone else shows up, someone I didn’t expect to see and who also surprises the vampire next to me: Jo Ah Ra. And what is even more surprising is how the shop owner announces her as my girlfriend. Ma Ri gives me a surprised and funny look, and I just shrug. I could deny it, but what’s the point? Maybe it’s better if she doesn’t even suspect my feelings so she’ll never pity me for loving her when she is with someone else. If she thinks Ah Ra is my girlfriend, then she won’t be sorry for me.

And if Ah Ra keeps coming, and even believing she’s my girlfriend, then maybe that isn’t that bad of a thing. That’ll stop her from bothering Ma Ri. I am starting to believe that if that girl overcomes her obsession with Jae Min, she wouldn’t be such an awful person. I don’t even think she really likes that bastard, she’s just infatuated and it’s a matter of pride. Because she thinks herself the prettiest girl in school then she should be with the most popular guy.

What stupidity.

While the vampire girl thanked me, the human girls apologises. I don’t even understand why it’s so important for the latter for me not to misunderstand. I think she might really have a crush on me. Which surprises me. I didn’t think it’d be that easy to sway her away from her obsession with Jae Min. It seems her little crush wasn’t that strong. I should’ve played this card at the beginning and we would’ve avoided so much. But maybe this was the best way to do it. Jae Min has finally accepted Ma Ri as a vampire and I don’t think he would’ve done the same if things hadn’t been like this.

Jo Ah Ra asks me not to skip class, to continue going even if that’s really a bad idea. And maybe I’ve been hanging out too much with Ma Ri because I decide to go. Of course, I’ve proved right of how much of a bad idea it is when all the kids refuse to into the classroom and are just being complete idiots. Per usual. I’m not even surprised. And I insist, I’m hanging too much with Ma Ri because I don’t run away. They can kick me out, I don’t care, but I won’t run away scared.

However, I kind of feel like running when Jung Jae Min thanks me. That actually gives me chills. At least he knows I did all that for Ma Ri, not for him. I really don’t want him to get the wrong idea. And when he brings the topic of helping Ma Ri and him to get together even when I like her, because of course he knows, I tell him about something he could never understand. A loyalty that will always be alien for him. Living as vampires, a species that had to hide for so long, that has received so much unjustified hatred… We share a bond that no human can understand. I try to explain it to him, but I’m not sure he’ll ever even grasp the idea.

I don’t care if I rip my own heart out of my chest as long as Ma Ri is happy. Yes, I love her, but she’s also one of us. She’s like me and I will always help her. I will always be by her side, even if she doesn’t need me. I mean, if it’s for her I could even join the band again; but I don’t think that’ll work out, considering I’ll be kicked out pretty soon.

Yet these guys seem really determined. Surprisingly, not only Jung Jae Min but also Jo Ah Ra, along with the other girl and boy in the band. The other two humans who only acted cowardly before, following either Ah Ra or Jae Min, are now standing up. Maybe they are still following the other two. I don’t know. The point is, there are four humans taking our side now. Still, four are nothing against a whole school body, they won’t accomplish anything. If the school wants to kick me out, fine, but just don’t touch Ma Ri.

But these four humans surprise me. They actually get something, even if it’s not a conventional solution, they do manage to keep both Ma Ri and me in the school… in a special class. And the band is back together.

This is crazy… yet oddly fun. I don’t have to deal with more humans, and to be honest I don’t really despise these four humans with us now, not even Jung Jae Min. But he’s on probation. He can go back to my black list as easily as killing a fly.

They have a plan to prove to everyone it’s okay to have two vampires in a band. Because the label doesn’t dare to have as as we are, Jae Min comes with the idea to take part in a contest and win, to show everyone that no one is left behind even if they are different. So we practice hard for that competition and I’m kind of dragged there, although I am enjoying it, and I’m surprised yet happy when we make it into the Top 10. A part of me can’t believe this is working, that we are going to be in the show. I’m also surprised Ma Ri is being so brave. She has really grown up, become braver and wiser. Her new attitude is making it so hard for me not to fall even deeper for her. It hurts a lot to see her with Jae Min, leaning on to him and gathering strength from him. I really feel my heart aching.

Silly Ah Ra tries to stop me from seeing it with there pal and bratty princess attitude, and I just want to laugh at her, but I don’t have much time. Hullabaloo breaks loose and next thing I know we are running just to find out our dressing room has been vandalised. They have found out there are two vampires in the band, and like it always happens with every human, they think all vampires are killers and will suck their blood.

Seriously, I wouldn’t get near a human even if their blood was the sweetest thing. It would probably give me indigestion. They think so highly of themselves, as if everything was after them. All humans have the ability to kill one another, but they don’t go blindly hating, isolating and attacking every other human. They are just a bunch of hypocrites and ignorant bastards. A human not only hurts other humans but everything around them, even the same land they live on. But they fear us, when vampires are just trying to survive like any other species.

No wonder humans have been the ones to drive entire species to extinction.

It’s clear we can’t do this, there’s no way humans will accept not only one but two vampires in a band, so it’s best if we quit while we are ahead. But Ma Ri refuses with her new braver and stronger attitude. Luckily—and I never thought I would say this—Jae Min is on my side. Or that I thought. He agrees we can’t insist on playing on this show, but he doesn’t give up on the whole band thing. He come with a new idea to open the door to the entertainment world.

That is how we end up playing in front of a fountain, for a few people, and how we become Internet Musicians. Slowly, our audience is growing and even the president of that label is considering us, especially after known celebrities start revealing their real identities. With Project Coexistence, people are being told they have been living with vampires, loving some of them for a long time without being scared.

We are not there yet, I think, but we are going and I’m actually having fun. I enjoy playing and it’s fun with these guys, although I won’t admit that out loud. It seems there’s a future for me that now looks clear. Before, every time I sat to contemplate what was in front of me I only saw black. But now there’s something, a goal, a dream. And I enjoy the taste of that in my mouth. Yes, I didn’t get the girl, but she still gave me things I wasn’t expecting, things I didn’t even know I was missing. She gave me a dream, a future to fight for and her friendship.

I’m not that alone anymore.

And doing all this, helping the Project Coexistence by exposing our identities on the Internet has helped. Nineteen vampires have been given special pardon from the Maximum Penalty, and among them are… my parents.

It’s been so long, so many years without them, but it’s them. They haven’t changed and every cell in my body knows it. It’s them, they are free. I helped to release them. They are with me again and my heart can’t even take it. A part of me can’t believe what is happening, not even when my mother’s arms are around me, not even when my father joins us. This must be a dream.

Yet it’s not. It’s true, my parents are back. they are with me. I got my family back.

“Omma,” I whisper, my voice broken as tears fall down my cheeks. I don’t even mind, I’m just too happy I have them back.

This is enough. I have them. I can be happy just with them. I’m okay.

This is a work of fiction with no profit intent. All characters and context belong to the rightful writers of the webcomic and drama. This is made by a crazy obsessed fan for other fans who suffer from Second Lead Syndrome.

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