Am I the only one feeling empty now that there's no episode to look forward? Like, there's a hole in my chest that used to be filled with Orange Marmalade feelings. It's a good thing--at least for me--that I am still writing this story. I hope you enjoy this week's chapter! For all those who miss the characters as much as I do.

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Orange Marmalade: Look At Me
Chapter 11: New Life

“Don’t forget to get breakfast before going to school,” Omma reminds me when I’m grabbing my backpack, on my way to the door.

It’s still so surreal she’s here with me, that I have a family once again, a mother to look after me and a father to look up to. I’ve been on my own for so many years that I feel a bit awkward with them around. I’ve missed them terribly, every day since they were taken away, but that doesn’t make it less weird now. Besides, it’s still tense because I want to ask them about their time with the VCS, but I don’t dare to, and they don’t want to talk about it. I get why they don’t and wouldn’t want to, it must’ve been horrible. And they must be aware that now I remember what happened and the guilt I carry because of it. But I… I just wish we could talk about anything, even the difficult things.

I try to be hopeful, telling myself it’s too soon but that we’ll get there eventually. We have a long time ahead, we will use that time to catch up and mend our relationship. Little by little, I will get over the guilt I live with and start to feel at ease with myself.

“Deh, Omma,” I reply, although I’m not really planning to. But it seems she knows exactly what I’m scheming because when I’m almost reaching the door, I notice she’s there, holding a glass with blood.

“You can’t fool your omma, Shi Hoo-ah. Drink so you can start the day with energy. You now are a busy young boy,” she states, smiling warmly and proudly at me, putting the glass in my hands.

She hasn’t stressed enough how proud she is of me for coming out and revealing my true identity like I did, and that I’ve found my passion in music and I’m pursuing a dream.

“I won’t move until you drink,” she finishes.

“I don’t need to—”

“Don’t argue with me, young boy.” She tries to sound severe, but her smile takes away the impact of her words. “I’m your omma and you need to listen to me. Ommas are supposed to nag their kids, that’s our job.” She chuckles as I drink the blood, trying to hide my own smile with that.

Even if it should be annoying, it is not. It’s heartwarming that she is caring for me, nagging me to drink my blood. It’s overwhelming that I have someone to nag me now, my own mother, to even get annoyed at.

“Happy now?” I say once I finish the blood and she smiles radiantly. “I’m going now. See you later,” I say and she nods before patting my cheek affectionately and stepping aside so I can leave our home.

From a very lonely place, this flat has turned now really crowded as my uncle is still living with us. He doesn’t need to look after me anymore, or even be my guardian, but he can’t go back with his wife yet because Jung Jae Min can’t deal with that just yet. Uncle says he’ll get there, he has hope but I just roll my eyes. That punk, always causing trouble.

Regarding school, things have changed so much. There are still many kids who keep treating Ma Ri and I like monsters just for being vampires, but there are also many now that accept us, treat us equally, and even some that think being vampire is cool.

I still don’t know how to feel about having fans.

Even if it was supposed to be just for a month, we continue with the special class further. We insisted—and by we I mean the other kids. I just stood there—and even Uncle intercepted for us to let us keep it. It wasn’t that hard, teachers and parents are more comfortable if vampires and humans are segregated, even though we still live together in the same society and have the same rights. It doesn’t bother me; to be honest, it’s better. I don’t like any of the other kids, and I’m already used to the ones in the band with us.

When I walk into our classroom, only Ma Ri is there, playing the guitar.

“Oh, Shi Hoo-ah, you’re early today. You’ve grown up so much,” she greets me and I just look at her unimpressed.

“It’s what having parents does to you,” I reply, shrugging off my backpack and then sitting on the table.

That’s another good thing about having the special class, it’s way more relaxed and with fewer rules to follow.

“Is it great to have them back? I’m really happy for you, Shi Hoo-ah. You worked hard,” she says next in a more serious tone, I just nod, I can’t really answer to that. “Omma says you need to bring your parents home one day. We all want to meet them,” she informs next to change topics to a easier one.

“I’ll tell them,” I inform, looking around. “Why is that your boyfriend isn’t around? I thought you were glued by the hips.”

Ma Ri laughs at my comment, even if I make sure to pour all the bitterness in my statement. I might have accepted Jung Jae Min and Ma Ri are now an item, but that doesn’t mean I like it, or that I like him. Maybe in a past life, like in my dreams during the coma, we could’ve been friends, but that’s not how it is now.

“Class president duties,” she replies and I nod. “How’s Jo Ah Ra?” she asks next and I sigh.

I honestly don’t know what’s going on there. It’s not like she annoys me, and she’s not ugly, but I don’t like her, yet she’s following me like a puppy. She even got a job at the same shop as I did. I never asked her out, I just joked along with the misunderstanding of the shop owner, but it seems she really took it seriously.

“Like I know,” I reply, standing up and going for the other guitar and sitting by her side. “She might think we’re dating, but that’s now how I see it.”

“Then why don’t you tell her that?” Ma Ri asks next.

“Too lazy,” I barely say.

The truth? I think that will keep Jo Ah Ra from messing with Ma Ri and Jung Jae Min, and at the same time will keep the vampire girl from feeling sorry for me and even, hopefully, make her a bit jealous. That last bit is the most foolish, but it’s part of the reason.

Aigoo, this boy,” she mumbles, ruffling my hair like an omma would do with her child.

I pull away, grabbing her wrist with one hand and holding the guitar with the other not to drop it as I shout, “Yah!”

Wae?” she snaps. “You do that to me all the time.”

“Yeah, but that’s me. You’re not allowed,” I tease her, and just to make a point, I ruffle her hair making a mess of her.

Yah! That’s unfair. Stop it, stop it!” she tries to fight me and ends up dropping the guitar, which is what makes me really stop because I move to grab it and save it. “See! Because you were torturing me I almost kill the guitar! And now my hair is a bird nest.”

“Well, You still look like a fool even when your hair is styled,” I mock her and she seems so shocked and offended that I can’t hold it myself, I chuckle, handing her back her own guitar. “But the bird nest is cooler.”

“Ma Ri always looks pretty,” someone else says, not Ma Ri. I look ahead and find Jung Jae Min, watching us from the door with both hands shoved in his pockets and a suspicious look. “Having fun?”

“Yeh,” Ma Ri answers honestly, even if I was just teasing her. The guy walks towards her, stopping once he’s in her personal space. He does that so I’ll move from her side, which I do, putting the guitar aside and going back to my seat.

I don’t really want to see them seeing all lovey-dovey, so I just rest my head on my desk and ignore them, even pulling out my earbuds to listen to some music so I don’t have to hear their conversation. Soon the rest of the kids arrive and we can start our class. It’s easier to ignore Ma Ri and her boyfriend then.

Even if I helped them, that doesn’t mean it stopped hurting seeing them together. I just did it for her, I can’t emphasis that enough.

During lunch I stay in the classroom, even if everyone else leaves. It’s not to avoid the other kids, I couldn’t care less about them, it’s because it’s uncomfortable. For some reason being under the sun lately is becoming a problem. It bothers me and I get suffocated really quickly. My eyes burn and I feel like I’m getting sunburnt, which is weird because I keep taking my doses of SPA diligently, so it shouldn’t bother me.

Regardless, unless I am forced to be outside, I’ll stay indoors, in the shadows, comfortable on my own. I don’t know what it can be, but I don’t think it’s important and it’ll surely pass. Maybe it’s stress for having to adjust to this new routine of having a family, or maybe it’s just a side effect for trying to kill myself by letting the sun burn me alive.

Whatever it is, I’m sure I’ll be fine.

This is a work of fiction with no profit intent. All characters and context belong to the rightful writers of the webcomic and drama. This is made by a crazy obsessed fan for other fans who suffer from Second Lead Syndrome.

Bel, xx

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