I'm still missing Orange Marmalade; however, the idea where I'll be taking this story is clear now in my mind, and I'll be using elements from the manhwa, as well, so if you read it, you'll find those familiar things. I'm excited for the future, and for our Han Shi Hoo to have his happy ending.

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Orange Marmalade: Look At Me
Chapter 12: Family Meeting

A vampire dinner isn’t that hard to achieve or complicated, unless you want to go all fancy and the like. We share blood together, talk and have a good time. No one needs to go crazy preparing a five-courses meal and whatnot. The only nerve-wracking thing about going to Ma Ri’s house is just having our parents meet, and what might come up out of that. I do have a bad feeling already.

Ma Ri’s parent don’t know yet that she is dating a human, and although they love her dearly and would support her no matter what, I guess even they won’t be happy.

Because humans and vampires are different species, they can’t procreate. What means, no child can be born between that union. And in today’s society, turning a human into a vampire is severely punished. It’s basically murder; so with that the only way to maintain our species is by unions among vampires, so more vampires can be born. Basic maths. Because there aren’t many of us, many marriages are arranged to ensure the bloodline. Ma Ri’s parents, the very VCS and any other organisation won’t be pleased with the union between a human and a vampire.

I know that because my uncle went through it. He not only faced opposition from every other human, he was also against all vampires. At the end they accepted and gave up, basically, but it wasn’t easy. Even today they can’t really have a normal married life because his wife’s son can’t accept him.

Ma Ri’s duty as a vampire is to have another vampire in the future, to preserve the species. By choosing Jung Jae Min, she is somehow betraying us all. We aren’t as archaic as to forbid her and such, but it does affect everyone that she is not helping all other vampires with that. It’s not just her, it’s a responsibility every other vampire shares, no matter the country they are from or age. Humans might not have this problem because they have overpopulated the world, but it isn’t the same for the other species that share the same planet.

She probably knows that, and it’s the reason why she hasn’t told them yet. I wonder when she’ll tell them her boyfriend is a human. Will her parents invite him over for dinner?

Regarding the dinner with her parents, my own are too excited to contain. Omma is freaking out, thinking this is something really serious.

“Omma! I even lived with them for a while. I don’t have to wear a suit!” I protest when she suggests I change my normal clothes. “You’re overreacting.”

“Am I?” she laughs nervously. “I guess. It’s just… we haven’t done this in so long and I think I’m rusty. Besides, I’m really grateful to them. Is it true that their girl looked after you when you were in coma?” Omma asks. She’s apologised many times for not being by my side then, but I can’t even blame her. I’ve told her as many times we were both being punished and I think they only reason they allowed Ma Ri to go with me was to speed my recovery or something. “Is she pretty?”

I look away, avoiding her eyes. “I guess. Not that I care. She’s an idiot,” I mutter and Omma laughs.

“Ommo, you really like her, don’t you? Arasso, Omma will do her best not to embarrass you in front of the girl.”

I just stare at her with eyes wide open, but she keeps laughing. I even look at Appa for support, I need someone to back me up, but he just shrugs.

“You can’t expect to hide something from your omma. Give up, kid,” he mumbles and I throw my arms in the air in defeat.

I leave our home first, although I soon hear them catching up with me. It’s hard to keep the cool and detached expression when they are around. Both seem so happy, getting up to date with everything, especially being my parents. I’m still adjusting to having them around, and it isn’t that easy, but I like it. It doesn’t even feel crowded.

We arrive at Ma Ri’s house and they are all waiting for us. Joseph himself throws at my arms immediately, saying he’s missed his hyung. Incredibly, he’s cuter now that he can speak, and he seems to like me the most. I introduce my parents to everyone and because Ma Ri’s parents are Ma Ri’s parents, they are the nicest and friendliest to mine. They jump into conversation almost immediately, talking fast and laughing at I don’t know what.

“It seems they’ll become really good friends,” Ma Ri comments from my side. “You look happy, Shi Hoo-ah.”

“It’s still a bit weird, but I like it. Although I think it’ll get too noisy today,” I predict, and she chuckles in agreement.

I’m not wrong, it gets really, really noise. Vampires can’t drink anything but blood, but they can add some natural herbs and other condiments to change a bit the taste of it, without making one vomit. So, even with blood, vampires can get drunk, and our parents do that. In that state, they start saying inappropriate things.

“Our Shi Hoo and our Ma Ri should get married!” Ma Ri’s appa says, too loud and almost dancing with every word. “That way we’ll be all a be a family and they’ll have beautiful children!”

“Appa!” Ma Ri cries out, scandalised and I just shake my head. Why am I not surprised?

“We should’ve arranged their wedding before! And it’ll be perfect, they are already friends and look great together. Just look at them!” her omma adds up, crawling to us and literally smashing our faces together. “Look at how perfect they look! Aigoo, we already considered him our son but this is perfect.”

“We have to organise things now!” my own omma comments and I heave a tired sigh, shaking my head. “They could marry once they finish school.”

“Aigoo, you’re all going too far,” Ma Ri whines. Of course it’s a problem for her, she is dating Jung Jae Min right now. “Shi Hoo-ah, tell them something!” she begs for help and I shrug. “Please!”

Sighing again, I say, “Don’t you think you should ask us first? Who says I want to marry her?” I point her with my thumb and try to look as repulsed by the idea as possible, even if deep inside it doesn’t affect me in the slightest, on the contrary, it kind of excites me.

Wae?!” the four adults in the room whine together. I’m questioning whether they are really the adults here, or not.

“You’re terrible,” I mutter. “Yah, Ma Ri-ah, let’s take Joseph to sleep and leave them alone. They are too drunk to understand,” I propose instead and she agrees immediately. She is blushing, both probably in embarrassment and frustration. “Don’t take them seriously, they won’t force us to marry.”

“I know, it’s just… I know they want me to marry another vampire one day. I don’t even know how to tell them about Jung Jae Min.”

I don’t say anything, putting Joseph to bed. He fell asleep in my arms and even like that he seems reluctant to let go of me. Once I finally manage to put him to sleep, I turn to look at Ma Ri, who wears a worried expression.

“They’ll accept it at the end, don’t worry. They love you more than anything,” I remind her, although I don’t think it’s necessary, it’s the most obvious thing.

Ara, but I don’t want to disappoint them.” She sighs, as if she was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. “Do you want to go out for a while? I don’t think I can go back there and listen to them plan our wedding.”

I just shrug and she takes that as a yes, so we leave. But I make sure to grab her guitar before we head to the nearest park. There we sit comfortable on the swings and I keep her guitar, playing chords randomly. She hums to the melody that starts coming up. I just watch her and from her reaction I go composing something. I know what kind of melody she likes and when she disapproves of certain chord in certain position. After a while, a nice tune is defined and she naturally starts adding words to it. I repeat it and repeat it, watching her placing the lyrics for it. The smile that comes to my lips is impossible to fight, it’s both a combination of playing music and being with her.

“I like it,” she finally says.

“We did good,” I comment. “Listen well because I don’t always say things like this, but I like your lyrics the best.”

She smile radiantly. “Don’t you think we make a good team?”

“Don’t tell that our parents. They’ll add it as another reason to get us married.” She laughs out loud, finding it funny when I’m being serious. If they could see us like that I’m sure they would register us as husband and wife before we even noticed.

I’m sorry for her, it must be hard to disappoint your parents. Because at first, when they find out Ma Ri is dating a human, they will be disappoint them. Whether it’s me or another vampire, that’s the future they have always envisioned for her.

What would they think of the son of the woman that married my uncle and that is the reason why they can’t really be together? What will they say when they learn that until very recently Jung Jae Min was one of the most prejudiced people when it came to vampires? For some reason I don’t think they’ll accept him that easily.

“It would’ve been easier to like a vampire, don’t you agree?” she ponders, staring to swing, her eyes in the stars.

“It would’ve been,” I agree. “That’s why you’re an idiot.”

She chuckles, she can’t help it. “It would’ve been even easier if it had been you. You’re just like me, you can actually understand what it feels like, what I’ve gone through.”

“I repeat: idiot.”

She smiles sadly, I know because I can’t stop watching her while she has her eyes fixed in the night sky.

“Life wouldn’t be fun if it were easy,” she tries to comfort herself.

“That’s an excuse idiots came up with to comfort themselves,” I ruin it for her, making her laugh. Ma Ri finally stares back at me, making a funny face that is supposed to show me her annoyance.

“Fine, I’m an idiot. But so are you, you helped me in my idiocy.” She reminds me and I sigh dramatically.

“I’ve learnt stupidity was contagious when I met you.” She does her best not to laugh. “But I honestly helped just because you’re a vampire. We are supposed to help each other, always, no matter what. That’s what really makes us different from humans, don’t you think? We don’t turn our backs on one another.”

She thinks about it, and it only takes her a few seconds to realise I’m right. “Deh, and one day I’ll get your back, Han Shi Hoo. Count on that.”

“You better,” I smirk, poking her forehead and then pinching her cheek. “I’ll hold you on to that, Baek Ma Ri.”

This is a work of fiction with no profit intent. All characters and context belong to the rightful writers of the webcomic and drama. This is made by a crazy obsessed fan for other fans who suffer from Second Lead Syndrome.

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