And we get to the real drama within the fan fiction. This is seriously a loose end I would've liked they developed in Orange Marmalade. The hints were evident there, purposely given and then forgotten *sighs* But oh well, it has given me something to work around and open a door for our Shi Hoo to get the girl, like many of us wanted, didn't we?

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Orange Marmalade: Look At Me
Chapter 14: Deadline

Well, I was wrong. It gets worse, so much worse. To the point I can’t hide it anymore, how the sun hurts me and the SPA isn’t working on me. Two or three doses don’t make a difference, and I have to accept I’m getting a bit worried. Right now, I mind if I die, because I’ve just got my parents back, and I’m really enjoying myself with the band. Playing music feels right, it’s helping and it’s also getting a message across. If this problem with the sun had happened before, I wouldn’t have minded. I really wouldn’t. But things have changed so much, I’m not exactly the same boy that tried to kill himself on a cliff because everything seemed lost, because he wanted to end the agony and get rid of the guilt. I’m living with that now, and the second chance that I’ve got.

But it seems fate is against me now. I really don’t understand why, what happened to me that I’m like this again. Is this a side effect of trying to kill myself? Why am I like this?

I can’t literally move from bed, I’m just hiding under the covers because I forgot to close the curtains last night and it’s too bright, the sun is breaking through the windows, deadly and invincible.

“Shi Hoo-ah, you’ll get late for your performance today,” Omma calls from the other side of the room. I haven’t told her either about this little problem, not wanting to worry her when she’s also getting her life back.

“I don’t think I’m going today,” I say from under the covers. If I peek my head outside I’ll get burnt.

What an idiot, knowing that the morning sun was the most hurtful and I forgot to close the curtains. Do I get an award for being an idiot or what?

“I can’t be bothered,” I add so she won’t get worried. I know I should ask for her help, to at least close the curtains, but the stubborn part of myself thinks I can still handle this on my own.

“Shi Hoo-ah, are you okay?” Omma asks, her voice sounding worried.

“Yes!” I try to sound as loud and okay as I can. “I just don’t want to go out, that’s all. Don’t worry,” I insist, hoping she’ll accept my excuse.

Arasso,” she mumbles, but I can hear the reluctance in her voice. Still, she leaves and I’m still hiding under the sheets, hoping the day will pass by soon so I can get out of here. What worries me, though, is that I haven’t fed and I’ll have to do that soon if I don’t want to end up feeling worse., or getting in worse trouble. However, I don’t have another choice.

It’s way past afternoon, or I think it is, when there’s a knock at my door. I’m feeling terrible, I can’t even think straight. I haven’t fed in more than twelve hours, I’m still hiding from the sun and I’m in a terrible mood. I still don’t understand what’s wrong, and I’m getting scared. What if it gets worse?

“I’m f-fine,” I utter, but it sounds broken and feeble, which isn’t what I need to sound like right now, but I can’t really care. I’m struggling too much. “L-leave,” I insist, but it’s futile.

My door opens, I can hear it, and I can also hear more than one set of footsteps rushing inside. Then it’s my omma’s voice calling my name frantically, grabbing the covers to push them back, but I fight her, I can’t let her do that. However, I’m too weak for this and she wins, letting the sun come in, burning my skin. I hiss in pain, trying to run from it and scaring everyone in the room.

“Close the curtains!” someone yells as I grab the covers to hide again. “Ommo, Shi Hoo-ah, what is wrong? Why didn’t you say a thing?” It’s my omma, I recognise now. She’s, softly, trying to get me from under the covers. “It’s okay, it’s dark now. Appa,” she continues. “Bring him blood, he hasn’t fed yet.”

“Shi Hoo-ah, what’s wrong? What’s happening?” Someone else asks, someone that isn’t any of my parents, a familiar feminine voice that makes me freeze.

Why is Baek Ma Ri here?

I peek outside, making sure no sunlight can get inside. It’s still bright, but it will not hurt me. Once I’m out, I can see both my omma and Ma Ri there, watching me with worried eyes while I can only stare at the young vampire girl, too flabbergasted to react.

“Ma Ri-ah, what are you doing here?” I ask, hating how weak my voice sounds. Luckily, appa comes right then, handing me a glass with blood that does help me, immediately.

“You didn’t come to the performance and wouldn’t pick up your mobile, and we were worried. I offered to come see if you were okay,” she explains and I nod, as if that was enough.

“I’m sorry for not showing up without notice,” I bow my head. I should’ve texted her or something, but I couldn’t get to my phone without getting burnt.

“That’s not the problem,” she cries out, her voice high and worried. Her whole face shows her concern, that actually surprises me. I didn’t think she would react like that towards me. If Jung Jae Min was in trouble, yes, but not with me. “What’s going on? Did you forget to get your SPA?” she asks me next, desperately.

I look away, not wanting to share this, but I’m cornered. “It doesn’t work,” I mumble, almost a whisper. “Even if I get more than one shot.”

“What?” the three other vampires in the room ask, alarmed. I can’t meet their eyes, I don’t dare to see how worried they are.

This. This is exactly why I didn’t tell them. I can handle myself, I am used to that, and I do not enjoy people being all over me. I am really happy my parents are back, but it wasn’t for them to have to deal with something like this.

“Since when?” appa asks, I feel his hand on my shoulder, coaxing me to look at him, but I fight it. “Han Shi Hoo, when did this start happening?” he asks again, sternly, in a voice that doesn’t leave room for rebellion.

“A while. I can’t remember. It started gradually,” I explain, still refusing to look at them.

“Did you drink human blood?” Omma asks.

I can’t blame her for asking that, and it’s not that she doesn’t trust me, it’s that the only explanation for what is happening would be that. Only vampires that have fed from human blood reject the SPA. It’s a way to control them in case a vampire decides pig blood isn’t enough. It has always been like that, even from before vampires got their rights.

“Of course he hasn’t!” Ma Ri replies for me, before I can even open my mouth to say that. “He would never do that.”

I stare at her, surprised that she sounds so sure when who knows? I am known for not caring about humans, for seeing them as something beneath us. I do think humans are lower in the food chain, and she knows that’s how I see things, yet she seems almost personally offended because my omma made that question.

“I know he wouldn’t dare, but why is this happening then? What else could it be?” Omma refutes, too stressed to explain things better and what she meant with that question. “Something happened, it can’t be out of the blue.”

“I think…” I try to explain. “I think it’s a side effect for trying to… for what I did before getting caught by the VCS,” I mumble, looking away once again. Of course they know what I did, but it doesn’t make it easier to talk about it. It makes my parents feel guilty and it pains Ma Ri, because she also blames herself for what I did. It was to help her that I used my special abilities, to save her from using them herself and getting in trouble with the VCS, even if she still did later on.

“It can’t be only that,” Ma Ri insists.

This time I do look at her. “It makes kind of sense, though. I almost got burnt alive, I guess I’m more sensitive now to sunlight. Should I get a better sunglasses?”

“Don’t say it like it’s a joke!” Ma Ri gets angry, rising her voice and surprising us all, especially me. “This is serious, Han Shi Hoo. This is your life, you can’t take it lightly. We need to ask for help.”

I laugh, dismissing her worry. “It’s fine, it’s not like I have to go out during the day. I can go all classic and become nocturnal.”

I’m really surprised with Ma Ri’s expression, the ache and desperation that I see there. The way she looks at me, almost as if I were saying something to cause her pain, when in fact I’m just making her notice it isn’t that terrible. It just means I have to give up seeing the sun ever again.

“You have to go out during the day. Are you leaving us on our own? We are a band, remember?” She makes a pause, looking at me so intently. “Are you leaving me behind?”

That’s a low blow. I could actually ditch the band, I wouldn’t mind it that much. But her? She is the reason I joined that band and endured so much. Of course I mind when it’s about her.

“I don’t have a choice. The SPA doesn’t work anymore,” I remind her, making sure she understands I’m not doing this willingly.

“There’s always a choice. Did you forget what I told you? I’ve got your back now, Shi Hoo-ah. We’ll ask for help and figure out how to solve this. I won’t leave you alone on this,” she promises, leaning closer, grabbing my hand to give me an encouraging squeeze. “We’ll fix this.”

I only stare in her eyes, wanting to believe her words. I hold on to her, hoping she is right because I don’t want to give up on her and her company.

Can I really believe her?

This is a work of fiction with no profit intent. All characters and context belong to the rightful writers of the webcomic and drama. This is made by a crazy obsessed fan for other fans who suffer from Second Lead Syndrome.

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