I was scared, to be honest. Fearful of what this new season in Orange Marmalade would bring, but I was gladly surprised. I loved it. Did you love episode 5 as much as I did? Did you even watch it? If not, then you can do it here:

I really enjoyed Lee Jung Hyun's character even more, and I didn't think that'd be possible. He is so playful and charming, don't you think? I especially loved the bromance between the two leads in this part of the K-drama, so I've decided to add a bit of that in this chapter of our fan fiction. You will also see a bit more of what I'm doing and how I'm dealing with what they make us think it happened in Episode 4.

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Previously on Orange Marmalade: Look At Me


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Orange Marmalade: Look At Me
Chapter 3: Destiny

The beep becomes the flip of pages. One and then the other, and then the other. Slowly and carefully and when I open my eyes I see him. The human. But this time is different because I don’t feel that rage in the pit of my guts when I see him, I don’t want to punch him until no one can recognise his face. I don’t feel any of that, on the contrary I actually care for him and cherish him. I can actually recognise those feelings and although they seem foreign at first, as if these weren’t really mine, I keep watching Jung Jae Min and I end up acknowledging that these are my emotions and that I actually hold this human dear.

But there’s something off with that. I shouldn’t refer to him as human as if I were another species. I’m just like him. He’s just another scholar like me, although our approaches to life are very different. There’s no animosity between us, just camaraderie and trust. I’m not sure how we got here, but I can’t even doubt it. I know it in the depth of my soul. There’s only one person I can trust in this life and that is Jae Min.

But for some reason a part of me still feels uneasy about it. It’s a very small and almost inaudible part that still bothers me. I decide to shut it. Jae Min is my friend, the one that always helps me and tries to make me do the right thing and not get into trouble, the one to even try to take the blame for me and not realising what was really my plan. The one that still acts as if he were angry with me but still lets me stay around. Why would I even question our friendship?

It can’t be jealousy. I have said it many times, that we got the families wrong but then I wouldn’t like if my friend had to live through what I have to, where to matter what I do I’m almost untouchable until I push it so far not even my father can rescue me. I wouldn’t want to see my friend without control over his own life. He wouldn’t fight it like I do, he would obey no matter what. Even if studies are his really strength, my family wouldn’t be the place for him although I am most certain Father would be the happiest with a son like Jae Min instead of I, and his father would be happier with a son like me, someone who wants to be a warrior. Someone who is already superior to the others.

No. What should’ve really happened is that we both should’ve been born in Jae Min’d family, him without his rare illness and me with him as a practice partner. We would be invincible.

So no, it can’t be jealousy what’s stirring in my guts but I don’t know what else could be. What is this bitter taste that gets to my tongue? What’s inside of me that I can’t figure out?

Well, after what I pulled that finally got me expelled and Jae Min suspended we will have quite a lot of time to think about it. Surely I’ll be able to figure out what’s this feeling in my guts. For now I can focus on my fighting skills, on getting better and having fun on my own terms.

I really wish Jae Min would be up to spear with me. Everyone else is such an easy target that it’s not even fun but he keeps his nose between pages or doing weird things and acting so out of character. I honestly think he needs some time away to clear his mind and set his thought straights, especially now that his father wants him to marry. It’s good he got suspended then, he really needs to get himself together.

That is curious, though. Jae Min has always obeyed his father… until now. And that’s so unlike him that it’s obvious there’s a reason and the reason must be someone else. He doesn’t want to marry the perfect girl his father has chosen because his heart is set somewhere else, with someone else.

But with whom?

But soon I forget about my friend when something happening in the streets catches my attention. It’s a group of men, cornering a young girl. Those men, they certainly want to get hit so hard until they pass out. It is like they are beginning me to come and knock them out.

I’m about to take the first step towards them when I see the girl taking care of them on her own and my heart stops. It’s like everything else around else stops but her dance with the thugs. She moves with the grace of an expert but more deathly for she is beautiful and breathtaking. I can’t even blink, I can only see her disarm those men one by one with just a stick.

She is the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen, the way she moves, her bravery, her strength and wilderness. She is perfect. But perfect as she is, she is still outnumbered so I take the chance and after I can finally blink and move I step between her and the men, challenging them. They of course think little of me but I prove them wrong with no difficulty.

I was hoping she’d see me fighting for her, helping her and stay around to thank me. I thought I could actually get her name and maybe walk her home with the pretext to protect her from more men like these ones, but she rans away before I can get a word from her. Gone in the middle of the night and without giving me the chance to ask for her name.

I will found her, though. The perfect girl for me, that woman who could actually be my companion and whom I want to be mine. She is the woman I want to marry and stay by my side until the last day.

That moment, although brief and that almost looked like a dream, showed me exactly what I needed even though I didn’t even know so. She bewitched me and now she’s gone and I don’t even know where to find her or where to look for her. I’m completely clueless.

But I’ll see her again, I’m sure of that. Our destinies must be tied somehow. That is what I feel when I see her.

And Jae Min will find his own girl again, too. It is crazy how the two of us found that person we want to spend the rest of our lives with. I actually never thought about it. As almost everyone else, I thought I would be led into a convenient marriage. It didn’t seem like an awful destiny and spending the rest of my life on my own wasn’t that bad either but now I know I really want to marry someone and so wants my friend.

That night when I fall asleep after talking for so long with Jae Min I not only dream of the girl and her majestic movements and spirit, I also dream of the sun and pain. My skin burning but me receiving the pain, welcoming it with open arms.

They say there are vampires around but why dreaming of being one? And what’s with those weird clothes I wear in my dream.

But I also dream of her, calling my name with worry in her expression. I am lying on what looks like a very tall bed that cannot be folded or anything because it’s too stiff. Many things are connected to me that make a beep which that keeps repeating. It all looks so weird. But it’s her next to me. Her face. Even if she looks different on the outside, it is still her face.

Then a man joins her, a man that I have never seen before.

“Has he shown any sign of waking up?” he asks, standing next to the girl. He also looks at my body with concerned eyes and worried expression. He looks tired, almost as if he hasn’t slept in days.

“No, but he is healing properly. Just too slowly,” she replies and just then I look at my own body.

Before that, I knew it was me, I just felt it the moment I saw that body on that stiff surface but now I take a better look and I see myself almost completely covered in bandages that are stained with blood here and there. What happened to me? Did I get in a fight I couldn’t win? No, that’s impossible.

“The problem with injuries made by the sun is that they take longer to heal and as he is under Maximum Punishment he can’t receive enough blood to speed the process a little bit,” the man explains but I’m confused. What is this Maximum Penalty they are talking about? What did I do? And worse of all, why would I need blood? Am I really a vampire now?

“I can’t believe he’s that stupid. I want to hit him!” she says with frustration, wiping a tear away. She’s crying for me. “As if I didn’t have enough already.” Then she turns to look at him. “Have you managed to explain the situation to them?”

“Yes and they are aware that he did it to save not only you but a human, yet he still used his abilities like you and both need to be punished for that otherwise the system would crumble. But I’m managing something. For now we can visit him for as long as he recovers,” he explains but I am still as confused as before that answer.

“I never thought I would be grateful to the VCS but I really am. They got to Han Shin Hoo just in time,” she explains, looking at my body again. “Stupid. Why did you do that? You could’ve really died. How could you do that after saying that to me and helping me like that? Idiot,” she tries to insult me but her voice is feeble and lacking anger, it’s just sorrowful. “Please, just wake up so I can tell you this when you’re listening.”

I smile. I can’t help it when I see her that worried.

I wonder if this is a different life. Maybe… maybe I’m seeing the future and this is just proof our destinies are indeed tied. That no matter what, we will meet again. Yes, I will believe that. So even if she ran after that encounter with those nasty men, we will meet again and I will make sure to get her name then.

“Please, wake up, Shin Hoo-ah,” she begs again, taking my hand ever so carefully.

“I will,” I say even if she cannot hear me. I’m sure this version of me is trying to say the same. He just needs time. “I will see you again.”

This is a work of fiction with no profit intent. All characters and context belong to the rightful writers of the webcomic and drama. This is made by a crazy obsessed fan for other fans who suffer from Second Lead Syndrome.

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