Things are, once again, getting really intense in Orange Marmalade. This K-drama is a rollercoaster, and I never know what to expect from the next episode, which makes writing this fan fiction the more fun. You'll see I've twisted a bit a scene we already watched, adding a bit more of our lovelies Shi Hoo and Ma Ri. I hope you enjoy it!

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Previously on Orange Marmalade: Look At Me


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Orange Marmalade: Look At Me
Chapter 5: Protect Her

But it’s her, it’s so evident it’s her. The butcher girl is the fairy Jae Min was talking about before, the one that saw stars in the daylight and that has him, for the first time ever, trying to go against his father’s wishes. She’s that girl and she’s also the girl I love.

We fell for the same girl.

What a twisted and cruel fate is the one that ties us together.

And I know he is now defying his father, trying to stop his marriage and get his father’s blessing with the butcher girl, but that will not happen. I know him so well that I can almost hear the words he’s pleading with, but I also know his father, and I know what will happen to both Jae Min and the butcher girl if he continues with this. But if he loves her at least half of what I love her, he won’t give up.

Jae Min can live with the consequences, even if his father disowns him, I’m sure he can live with it and will survive. He’s clever and strong, even if his own father doesn’t know that. But that is not what worries me the most. It’s not Jae Min’s safety what concerns me the most, although it is one of my worries; what eats me alive from within is what might happen to that girl, who did nothing wrong but to look and talk to a noble man. She’d be frowned upon, tortured and even her life might be in danger. Jae Min will live, he will struggle but he will survive this. I’m not so sure about that for the butcher girl. And for a fraction of second I hesitate my latest decision to join this special force to exterminate vampires, because it means I won’t be around to protect her.

She’ll be all alone.

But no.

I’ve made my choice and in a way, I’m also protecting her from those monsters that roam the night. It’s just so terrible I can’t also protect her during the day and from other kind of monsters. I just have to do my utmost best to stay alive and kill as many vampires as I can, to take them down to keep her safe and maybe doing something else to keep her safe from nobles, as well.

That’s why I seek her out, waiting for her in the forest where I know I’ll find her. I’m going to war, a war no one else will be aware of, where if I die, not even my family will be notified of. My body will be left there to disappear naturally without anyone to actually lament my leave. She will never know what happened to me. I might not see her ever again and when I realise that, my heart aches so much.

I want to see her again. I have to see her again. I need to see her again.

That is really what makes me look for her, that need to see her and have her at least know I’ll be at war, even if she doesn’t even know what war or what’s really happening. It’s just a little bit of information I need to share, with her and no one else. Not even my best friend.

“What war, what happened?” she asks, confused when I ask her to wish me good luck in war.

That’s all I need from her now, a simple sentence, not even her name. She’s the girl from my dreams, the butcher girl that is just that graceful warrior, the only one that I could choose as my companion for life. And I need her to wish me good luck in war to believe I’ll be all right. That I’ll come back and ask her for something else.

She understands I can’t really tell her what’s going on. She’s clever like that. So instead she just smiles and says the words I needed to hear.

“Good luck in war.”

I feel a shooting wave going through my body, a good luck charm maybe; hope that I’ll be fine and that I’ll see her again.

“Next time we meet let me hear your clear flute,” I bargain, leaving something unfinished business so no matter what happens at war, I’ll have that to remind me to keep fighting, to make it out alive: I have to survive this in order to hear her clear flute.

She nods faintly and I just smile, knowing this is all I can get for now. So I turn around and walk away, until she calls my name.

“Han Shi Hoo.” she says and I freeze on my spot, both delighted and excited she actually remembers my name. I slowly turn around to meet her eyes, keeping my feet as they are and my hands clasped at my back. “Last time you said I should tell you my name. Do you remember that?”

My smile widens at the knowledge she also remembers that. I nod my head, making her know I haven’t forgotten that.

“Ma Ri,” she continues. “My name is Baek Ma Ri.”

“Ma Ri,” I try her name in my mouth and it rolls out perfectly, as if it was made for me to say it out loud. It’s a bold and sweet name, graceful and proud, just like her. It fits her perfectly. “Thank you, Ma Ri.”

She just smiles kindly at me before taking a few steps towards me. Surprised, I turn around so we end up face-to-face and only then she leaves what she’s been carrying on the ground and then unties the small ribbon she carries in her hair.

“Your hand,” she asks and I can’t react for a second, but then she makes a face urging me to obey and I do as told. “A good luck token,” she explains tying the ribbon around my wrist. “Go and come back safely. I’ll play the lute for you when you do.”

My heart flutters in my chest and I feel my stomach tightening in anticipation. I can’t even control my smile, especially when hers widen. She then takes a step back, retrieves her things and bows to me.

“Good-bye, Han Shi Hoo,” she bids.

“Good-bye, Baek Ma Ri,” I reply with a little bow myself that makes her smile even more.

And like that she leaves but I can’t move for quite a while, too flustered for what happened. I look at the thin and almost insignificant ribbon around my wrist. Her ribbon. I even chuckle like a complete idiot, my eyes still fixed on that piece of fabric.

They can give me the best armour, the best weapons, but nothing will give me more strength and will to survive than this ribbon. This promise that there’s something unfinished between Ma Ri and I.

Ma Ri… the girl from my dreams, the only girl I would ever marry. Ma Ri.

So I join this Silver Blood army, I make my pledge to serve the country and bring vampires to their downfall. And that’s how we jump into war. We use the technique I proved successful by trapping their feet with silver chains, and we start hunting vampires, trying to tear apart their society.

I fight with all my might, always keeping Ma Ri in my mind and the ribbon around my wrist. I fight with the other soldiers and we manage to capture three vampires, learning a bit more about their plans. Because of that, I have a clue of where to go for patrol, hoping to hunt another one.

But I don’t find a vampire, I find a butcher girl, walking alone in the middle of the night, and then a nobleman attacking her. I hurry to intervene, and I’m so grateful she knows how to deflect attacks and has that beautiful grace to move, but she still can’t completely escape the nobleman. He does something to her that makes her collapse, a second before I can get to him and attack him, driving him away from her.

“Why are you trying to kill her?!” I demand.

He says these are orders from above. Someone has ordered to kill Ma Ri and I know exactly who that person is. Only Jae Min’s father could have a reason to get rid of Ma Ri.

“Ma Ri-ah! Ma Ri-ah!” I hear Jae Min’s voice, calling frantically, with the desperation that tells me he knows Ma Ri is in danger.

The nobleman leaves, disappearing in the shadows just as he came. I know I should follow him and make sure he never comes back for Ma Ri. However, I just kneel by her side instead, taking her in my arms, my heart hammering in my ribcage, petrified that she might be severely hurt, that he actually succeeded in killing her, but luckily she’s still breathing. Faintly.

“Ma Ri, Ma Ri!” Jae Min arrives, desperation even more evident in his voice and when I look up at him I can see in his eyes the same fear that is freezing the blood in my veins.

And as I meet his eyes I feel resentment in my guts. I feel anger and hatred towards him, for bringing this to Ma Ri. For putting her in danger. For the first time in my life, I hate Jae Min.

This is a work of fiction with no profit intent. All characters and context belong to the rightful writers of the webcomic and drama. This is made by a crazy obsessed fan for other fans who suffer from Second Lead Syndrome.

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