And this is how our story ends. Our Shi Hoo finally happy. How do you feel about it? Did this story help you cope with the second lead syndrome? I appreciate the time everyone invested, to those who read this and enjoyed it. It was lovely to share it with all of you. Now I leave you with the epilogue of Orange MarmaladeLook At Me.

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Orange Marmalade: Look At Me
Epilogue: All I Need

I think by now I understand Ma Ri. There's something precious about normalcy, and I think you only appreciate it when you can't have it anymore. Today I realise that my life would be so miserable if couldn't enjoy a simple afternoon under the sun, with my guitar and my girlfriend.

It's still surreal to be able to say that.

Because things are complicated at school, with Jung Jae Min is still there, and the rest of the band, we keep it secret that we are together now. It’d be awkward and very uncomfortable, but we just have a year left in school. About the band, with Jung Jae Min’s and Ma Ri’s break up, things are a bit shaky, but it'll get better, if not, we tried. The humans have their plans, wanting to go to college and wanting jobs and such. Music is important for us, but not all of us wanted our lives to revolve around music or make a living out of it. I'm not sure what will happen whether we’ll keep doing this after graduation or not, but either way I think it'll be fine. I can only speak for myself, and after starting the band I know this is what I want to spend my life doing: music. And I know Ma Ri will also be by my side, making music with me.

There are many things I'm not certain regarding our future, but isn't always like that? And because you don't know what might happen tomorrow, you should focus on today.

Today, Ma Ri and I decided to take a trip, just the two of us, for our summer holidays, and we're enjoying the nice weather, with our guitars, composing together, sitting back to back. We want to write many new songs for the band, to perform and show to those fans we’ve gained, and who have actually been worried about me.

At some point I just close my eyes, letting Ma Ri play on her own. Her playing has a unique sound, every chord touches me in ways no other music can do, and that is what makes it so special. It’s not just what Ma Ri can write, but how she plays it.

“You stopped playing,” she mentions, doing the same thing. “Is anything wrong?”

“Nope, I just wanted to listen to you play,” I reply honestly, my eyes still closed. I’ve learnt to really enjoy the feeling of the sun on my skin.

“Are you leaving the whole work to me?” Ma Ri teases me, holding the giggles herself.

“Totally. I just came here to enjoy the sun and let you work hard.” I put my guitar aside, switching position until I’m lying on my back, my hands working as a pillow for my head. “Oh yeah, this is wonderful.”

“If you’re going to slack, then so will I!” she intones, putting the guitar aside and laying down, using my stomach as her pillow. “You’re right, this is wonderful,” she smiles.

I take one of my hands from under my head and try to reach for hers. I can’t, but she helps me by lifting hers until our fingers meet and tangle together.

“This is really nice,” Ma Ri comments then. “The two of us like this. When you were at the VCS I was so scared that I was never going to be like this with you. When the chance that I might really lose you showed up, I was beyond terrified. I guess that’s when I accepted things had changed.”

“Luckily, it didn’t end up like that. We’re together now. It worked for the best,” I reassure her and she nods, I can feel her head moving.

“You’re right, it’s for the best now. This feels more… natural and right.” I can hear her taking a deep breath. “This is how it should be.”

It always makes me so happy when she speaks like this, when she makes me feel like she agrees we belong together. I like knowing she also feels this is right and comfortable. Maybe it’s not worth to be written in a novel or drama, maybe it isn’t as exciting or complicated, but even vampires need a place where to lay down and rest, a place to recover and regain strength before continue fighting. Our lives are hard, we have to fight so much prejudice and ignorance. It’s essential for us having someone that makes you feel at ease and gives you strength, someone whom you don’t need to fight to be with.

Ma Ri stands up abruptly then, cutting through my thoughts with her sudden action. “I’m hungry. We should go back to the cottage,” she says, referring to the small place we’ve rented in the country side to enjoy our holidays.

Then she’s up, picking her guitar and walking away, without even waiting for me, but a few steps farther, she turns around to look at me. “Come on, hurry up! I can’t go back and leave you behind,” she says, smiling brighting and holding her hand up to me.

Deh,” I call, smiling on my own and picking my guitar to join her. My hand reaches for her, holding he right again. In all that time she never looks away, because now her eyes are always on me, and to be honest, that’s all I ever needed.

The End

This is a work of fiction with no profit intent. All characters and context belong to the rightful writers of the webcomic and drama. This is made by a crazy obsessed fan for other fans who suffer from Second Lead Syndrome.

Bel, xx

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