The Japanese are known for their love of and need for an after-work drink, and for four days beginning on June 22, residents of Osaka had the opportunity to have a few beers and snacks inside train carriages and on one of the platforms of a local subway station, which turned into a giant pop-up izakaya for those who felt the need to let loose during their evening commute.

Even in a country with millions of izakaya, or Japanese gastropubs, there are never enough! Just last week, to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the Nakanoshima train line, which added stops further west of Osaka, a temporary izakaya opened up much to the delight of local residents. For a 1000 yen(12 dollar) entry fee, adults were given a set of 100 yen food and drink tickets, with which they could purchase whatever they wished to consume at the pop-up establishment at Nakanoshima station (children can get in free!). But with a limited 250 seats in the train carriages and actual platform, many waited in long lines for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. But of course, customers weren't complaining. Being at a terminal train station, they were already right where they needed to be for when they had to get going home.

Besides the novelty of sitting at a table in a train carriage and drinking beer, the event wasn't considered that big of a deal to some. In Japan, drinking in public is something anyone can do if they want, as there are no laws prohibiting it. So if you're ever in Japan and you want to drink some alcohol on a moving train, go right ahead. Just remember to be respectful of others and polite when you're getting your buzz on!

Nakanoshima pop-up izakaya: