The tenants of an apartment complex in Shenzen, China believe a real estate developer is behind an invasion of live scorpions! Tenant’s lives were rudely interrupted when 110 pounds of live scorpions mysteriously found their way inside the apartment complex. One resident was even awoken by a scorpion crawling on his stomach!

Some residents reported seeing a man walking out of the developer’s office with a bucket, and then later going around to the open windows pouring the contents inside. Hmm, sounds fishy huh? Well apparently this particular complex is scheduled for demolition, but residents have yet to sign any compensation contracts for being displaced.

The real estate developer denies that he’s behind the scorpion invasion saying there’s no reason to force the tenants out when they have to leave regardless. Well he’s right that they need to leave regardless, but 110 pounds of scorpions just don’t appear overnight. If anything, don’t you think he’s trying to get out of paying the compensation owed to the tenants by literally scaring them away? Besides that, what other reason would there be?

No one was reported to have been hurt by the loose scorpions but the tenants and police officers who were on the scene did spend a good 24 hours ridding the complex of the creepy crawlers.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE