With the announcement of Disney’s plan to make the hit animated classic Mulan into a live-action film, I thought it would be fun to assemble our own dream cast! While the actual movie will be in English, what if Mulan had it’s own K-drama version? Check out my ideal casting below!

1. Mulan - Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won would be perfect as Mulan! She's no stranger to historical dramas, and her awesome action skills would be put to good use in this role. From adorably charming to downright badass, I can see her pulling off all of Mulan's characteristics without a flaw. 

Another Casting Option: Park Min Young — he'd also be adorable as Mulan, especially if the K-drama version wanted a more innocent feel to the character!

2. Li Shang - Gong Yoo or Choi Si Won

I could see either one of these guys excelling as the handsome lead Li Shang! Who would you choose?

3. Shan Yu - Cha Seung Won

Cha Seung Won doesn't usually play the bad guy, but he totally has the acting chops to pull it off! I would love to see him take on the challenge of this role. He would make an impressive Shan Yu, leader of the Han army!

Another Casting Option: Shin Sung Rok: He's a perfect villain. While he doesn't quite have Shan Yu's physique, he'd still be able to make us tremble in our seats! 

4. Fa Zhou - Ahn Suk Hwan

Ahn Suk Hwan is a constant presence in Dramaland! From Delightful Girl Choon Hyang to Big, his fatherly roles are some of my favorites from him. He would be great as Mulan’s proud, yet incredibly caring dad. 

5. Fa Li - Kim Hae Sook

Kim Hae Sook is one of my favorite K-drama mothers! I'll never forget her wonderful performance in I Hear Your Voice. I would love to see her try and get Mulan ready for her memorable matchmaking session!

6. Grandmother Fa - Kim Young Ok

The grandmother in Mulan is the best! She's sassy and unapologetic. Kim Young Ok would be able to capture all the best parts about the grandmother. I can already picture her yelling out "Would you like to stay forever!?" at the end of the movie. She's a perfect match. 

7. The Matchmaker - Lee Yong Nyeo

Speaking of matches, Lee Yong Nyeo was practically born to play the matchmaker in Mulan. She's already had a role as a matchmaker for ghosts in The Master's Sun, and I'd say she's more than ready to start practicing on the living!

8. The Emperor - Kang Shin Il

Can you picture it? Just add a long white beard and a little emperor hat, and Kang Shin Il is perfect for this role!

9. Yao, Ling, and Chien Po - Sung Dong IlLee Kwang SooYoo Dae Joon (Defconn)

I can't think of a better threesome to play Mulan's group of army buddies! I would love to see what kind of shenanigans these three would get up to together!

10. Mushu - Lee Hong Ki

While Eddie Murphy was a perfect Mushu in the movie version, I could totally see Hong Ki pulling off Mushu's wacky, yet well intentioned antics. He would be so adorable as Mushu's voice!

K-drama gods, I hope you are listening! A K-drama version of Mulan would be a fantastic idea!

Do you agree with my choices? Who else would you cast to be in Mulan? Please share your thoughts below!

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