With Valentine's Day on the horizon, I've decided to toss my pessimism to the curb and give love a chance! Are you ready to go on a perfect date with Song Joong Ki? As he drives over to pick you up: Oh I can't wait to see her!! I'm so nervous picking her up heehee butterflies!! driving HI PRINCESS!! I'm here to pick you up for our date. This is my gift, it's a LOVE FERN.  IT SYMBOLIZES OUR LOVE!! Please don't let it die because then so will our love ))): lovefern Now come with me! I have a fun day of adventures planned! comewithme First let's paint our own pottery! TADAA! Look I made you a couples mug. Now whenever you drink anything you will THINK OF ME!! coloringpottery While you were painting your mug, I secretly also drew this for you.  Can I have a kiss as a reward now?? kiss Now come with me! Let's play with my puppies! I love animals and adorable creatures...LIKE YOURSELF. <333 puppies I have so much love to give! Let's be a family!! puppy HEY BABE! ARE YOU HUNGRY NOW?? No worries, iron chef Joong Ki will cook for us! BON APETIT!! chef Yummy homemade pizza!! Is it good? Are you eating? pizza Here, let me feed you. OPEN WIDE, PRINCESS! feed AWWW, YOURE SO ADORABLE WITH FOOD ALL OVER YOUR FACE!! Let's take a picture! I want to forever immortalize your beauty!!! pics Dessert time! Let's share ice cream? ice cream Now sit back and let me serenade you.  I hear Mozart is good for digestion. guitar Hey girl, you relaxed now?  It's getting late, so what do you think we should do now...? rope censored Good morning my love. I've been just loungin' here starin' at ya cause you look like an angel when you're sleeping. staring Now let me wake you up with some kisses. MUAHMUAH. I have breakfast ready too. kiss2 Here's breakfast. A froot loop trail down my abs. frootloops What should we do next?