According to these latest photos from Japan, food art is officially out of control. The newest artwork is made with none other than daikon, a Japanese radish, and with its wide use in hot pots for the winter, it's sure to be the superstar of many dinner parties, and not just for its flavor.

Maybe grated daikon is the perfect texture and color for food art. Or maybe it's the physical surroundings provided by the other ingredients and the pot itself, but the white daikon as a polar bear sure looks cute. It especially looks warm and cozy in a steaming hot pot of veggies, tofu, meat, and noodles on a cold winter night. 

What separates daikon from other foods when it comes to food art is the fact that it's even got its own recipe book. And this book isn't just recipes for cooking; it actually shows you how to make 42 different daikon sculptures to go along with the daikon recipes! You can make your daikon into pandas, cats, you name it. I'm all for creativity, and this whole food art trend is really a great thing, but if this food art trend keeps growing, people are going to start getting disappointed when you prepare meals for them without being visually creative, no matter how much effort you make! That would not be cool because I don't know if I'd be any good at turning my salmon rice ball into an adorable cow.

But maybe someday I'll give it a try!

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