We all have those days when no matter what you wear, what ointments you put on your hair, something just seems to be off. Celebrities are just like us when it comes to having bad days and to make it worse, theirs is on a national scale. Check out these fail moments of top stars. Even the face madame of  That Winter the Wind Blows has his awful fail moments. Not even a man with his looks can pull of sleeveless, hot pink shirts. And don't even get me started on that bracelet...7 Once featured on tabloids for his good looks, wealthy background, and his brains, Roy from Superstar K really took a step back with this approach. He reminds me of an ahjumma on an outing with her clutch. roykim The 'it' boy of Korea couldn't even avoid the super-duper-skinny jeans syndrome. Kim Soo Hyun's outfit also made the fans question what the seat-belt-like red ribbon across his chest was—a statement piece, maybe? kimsoohyun Jung Woo Sung seems as though he is hiding bees in each of those squares. And the sunglasses makes it seem like he had a bad burn...but just around his eyes. jungwoosung No words can explain Eugene's outfits. Two words: those socks. yoojin Is it just me or does Go Soo look like he came straight out from the play A Christmas Carol Revisited? Or even Les Miserables... gosoo Chang Min and his rope neck-piece (?) or scarf thing (?). changmin Joo Won really revisited his youthful days with a furry sweatshirt during a press conference for the 3D animation movie, Sammy's Adventure. joowon And last but not least, Yoo Ah In and his magical height-shrinking boots. He is poker dealer/mafia on top and casual worker on the bottom. yooahin Which one of these outfits do you think commits the biggest crime against fashion? (Source: www.pann.nate.com)