rudewomen_news Outrageous Women (also known as Rude Women) is a delicious concoction of revenge, romance, and life after divorce -- consider it the Korean version of Desperate Housewives. Revolving around the lives of four 30-somethings, it centers on Mi Joo (Yoo Ho Jung of The Woman Next Door), a housewife who was happily married to her first love, Jung Suk (Jung Woong In) - until she discovered that he was having an affair with his dentist. What's a humiliated and betrayed wife to do? Well, if you're Mi Joo, divorce him, move to America with your kid, and come back years later having taken up his girlfriend's profession as a successful dentist. With Jung Suk re-married to beautiful girlfriend Eun Young and a father to daughter Ha Na, Mi Joo is out for a cold dish of revenge. She rents the house next to theirs and gets herself hired at the hospital where Eun Young works. Things get complicated when Rookie (Lee Ki Woo), a former baseball player who owns the house she is renting, begins fallling for her.

From director Lee Seung Ryul of Save the Last Dance for Me, this breezy, bubbly tale of a feisty ex-wife was a popular and critical hit. It also stars Im Ji Eun (Secret Agent Park Moon Soo), Lee Ki Woo (A Love to Kill), and Kim Bum (Boys Before Flowers) in his very first role.

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