In an incredible display of love for community and culture, more than 9,000 volunteers produced 265 tons of kimchi during the 2014 Kimchi Making and Sharing Festival in Korea from November 14 to November 16. People from around the country and visitors from around the world joined together to make this Korean staple for charities and those in need. 

The making and sharing of kimchi is known as kimjang, and it has been a part of Korea's national identity for generations. Koreans do not consider kimjang simply a matter of making food; it embodies the spirit of sharing with, and belonging to, one's community. Participants describe feeling jeong (情), defined as “love, sentiment, sympathy, sharing, and human nature.”

 At the festival in Seoul, women demonstrated the authentic art of kimchi making to 2,300 volunteers who then made over 130 tons of kimchi. 

Thousands of volunteers joined the giant kimchi-making event at Seoul Plaza.

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The kimchi was collected in containers to be transported to charities. 

What a colorful and heartwarming event!

Now I'm hungry for kimchi! Wouldn't it have been fun to be there?