rainbowToday we uploaded a new series called Over the Rainbow. If you like the husky, sexy voice of Hwanhee and you want some b-boy action, this is your drama. Over the Rainbow (OTR) is the story of four performers who find themselves in the dog eat dog (not literal) world of singing and dancing. It follows their journey to stardom and their quest for romance. The soundtrack features Hwanhee from Fly to the Sky and real dancers from the Korean b-boy scene. We enjoyed much of the backstabbing between the characters, and their attitudes as they achieved fame - or fell from grace. However, a few secondary characters take the spotlight, like the scary and sometimes nasty Mr. Choi (head of Pride Entertainment), Mr. Kwon (Hyukjoo's father and aspiring trot singer) and Sun Young (Sangmi's gold digging roommate). We hope you enjoy this new release!

Introducing the ladies



Heesu (left) is a beautiful and ambitious runaway trying to make a living as a dancer. She is quick in learning how to ‘play the game' and has no qualms about making alliances and breaking them to promote herself. Her only weakness is that her heart proves not to be as cold and calculating as her head...

Sangmi (right) is a Rex die-hard fan who has the privilege of training at the Pride Dance Studio because of a fluke accident where Rex hits Sangmi with his car. At the studio, it becomes clear to everyone that she has no talent but is the one honest and kind soul in the entertainment business. She is also one of the cutest actresses we have seen in a drama thus far. All of the male lead characters fall for her, too. It is worth watching this drama just to see her...

Here are the guys



Hyukjoo (left) is the cool guy. Although he has a slight lisp, his likability made it endearing. He is the underappreciated boyfriend, the loyal friend, the filial son and the one you expect gets he girl in the end. However, he is too gentle and everyone - EVERYONE - walks all over him.

Rex (right) is the cocky pop singer who has already made it. His character seems one dimensional until you discover that he has a pack of demons in his head. Rex is messed up in a way that gives his character unexpected depth and soon enough becomes the underdog you root for. And... this boy can sing! Watch the short clip below for a glimpse of his skills.

Watch Over The Rainbow now!