If you you've never been shoved into an already packed train by a station attendant during morning or late night rush hour on a Tokyo train, you've never really been on a crowded train. The trains get so crowded in Tokyo, you'll literally be able to count the nose hairs of the salaryman standing in front you, and that's not an exaggeration. Just a few days ago, a train got so crowded that the weight of all the passengers pushing against the door actually cracked the window.

The Tozai Line, a rapid commuter train line that connects Chiba Prefecture to Tokyo, has one of the most crowded routes in the entire Tokyo subway system. I've never been on the Tozai Line, but I've ridden equally crowded trains, and let me just say, it's quite the experience. Because these train cars transport hundreds of thousands of commuters living in the suburbs to and from the heart of Tokyo, the morning rush hour is worse than it is for chickens in a giant, jam-packed, indoor chicken coop. It gets so crowded that the only thing on your body you can move is your eyeballs. It sounds terrible, but if you get used to it, it's not as bad as it sounds. Because of all the weight and pressure from those around you, sometimes, if you're lucky, you can get a free back massage simply by digging the sore part of your back into someone's elbow or briefcase, which also happens to be trapped in position. But if you're stuck by the door, forget about it. The weight of what seems like a hundred bodies is enough to suffocate you, but fortunately you're only crushed for as long as your commute.

With more and more people living and working in Tokyo, the overcrowding is getting just a little bit out of hand. Unfortunately for the Tozai Line, the weight was just too much for one of its door windows, which suddenly cracked on the way back to Chiba from Tokyo. Service was delayed for a few minutes, and then a conductor just taped up the window for a temporary fix.

If windows are cracking, you know you're on a crowded train.

Taking care of the problem

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