It's been a milestone year at the movies, with records broken left and right.  This weekend was no exception, as two films, My P.S. Partner (P.S. = Phone Sex, ooh lala!) and Wolf Boy made their presences known at the box office.  In just ten days, My P.S. Partner edged past the one million mark.  This is particularly amazing because this film is 19+, meaning if you're eighteen or under, you ain't getting in.  Not only that, it's the fastest 19+ film to reach this milestone EVER.  EVER!  So, congrats to them. Director Byun Sung Hyun found out the news during a press tour for the film and promised that if the film breaks the four million mark, he'll perform Psy's signature horse dance in the middle of Myeongdong.  I'm sure the film's co-stars Ji Sung and Kim Ah Joong would love to see that. Meanwhile, Wolf Boy, which enjoyed a number one opening a few weeks back, has finally crossed the seven million dollar threshold.  Unfortunately, director Jo Sung Hee made no promise to his co-stars Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young about any "Gangnam Style" dancing.  Either way, it's been a good week in what's proven to be a good year at the box office. Which film are you most excited about?