Park Bo Gum isn't going anywhere! Following his hot role on the popular series Answer Me 1988, rumors began circulating online about the 22-year-old actor stepping down from his position as host on KBS's Music Bank this spring. The rumors even claimed the show is currently holding auditions for his replacement! Park's agency, Blossom Entertainment, put all the rumors to rest by explaining that their actor hasn't even considered leaving.

“The report saying that Park Bo Gum is leaving Music Bank is absurd. We aren’t even considering that. We checked with the production team of Music Bank, and they said that they also have not discussed that. The report that Park Bo Gum is leaving the show is completely unfounded, they said. 

He is definitely dedicated to every one of his jobs! The actor joined Red Velvet's Irene as the show's host in May 2015. Fans have grown accustomed to seeing his friendly face every week, and now they will have even more opportunities to see him introduce their favorite idols' performances.

What additional jobs do you want to see Park Bo Gum take on in addition to acting this year?


Answer Me 1988

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