Aside from playing a beautiful nemesis against Sean Bean in Sharpe's Challenge, Indian-born Padma Lakshmi is an American cookbook author, actress, model,  host for Top Chef, and an executive producer. You can tell she has a really adventurous spirit when she was willing to eat grasshoppers during an interview.

In this interview with Wendy Williams, Padma Lakshmi was asked to eat grasshoppers — fried, not live:

Padma even got Wendy Williams to try a grasshopper.

I wonder if Sean Bean would eat a fried grasshopper too.

You can see more of the unique Padma Lakshmi in the movie Sharpe's Challenge. She plays Madhuvanthi, a beauty who enchants and challenges Richard Sharpe when he is on a dangerous assignment in India. 

What kind of on-screen steamy scenes will we see between the ruggedly handsome Sean Bean and Padma Lakshmi?

Watch the incredible true story of Niijima Yae, a skilled markswoman who earned the nickname “Bakumatsu Joan of Arc” for her heroism during the Bohin War, in Yae’s Sakura:

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