go hyun jung dress award
On May 26, a parade of stars attended the 47th Annual Paeksang Art Awards to collect awards and accolades for their work and dramas and movies. Here at FeverWatch, we have some fashion-centric-minded people (i.e. our dear writer L_LOQO). We want to ooh and ah along with the rest of you, so here are some of the best-dressed women attendees of this star-studded event.

1. Go Hyun Jung

go hyun jung paeksang award dress
One of our favorite actresses is wearing one of our favorite dresses of the night. The Korean press is lauding Go Hyun Jung for being the best dressed on the red carpet. Not only does she look great, she is one of the most commanding, charismatic, and capable actresses in the business. Don't believe us? Check out her work. No really. We dare you to watch her stuff and not be impressed.

2. Han Hyo Joo

han hyo joo paeksang
We love Han Hyo Joo, but we think this dress is a little much. Still, the South Korean press is naming her another contender for best-dressed. Fine, we'll buy it, only because her acting is so amazing.

3. Kim Ah Joong

kim ah joong paek sang award dress
Did anyone here watch Sign? If not, you're missing out. Sign's lead actress Kim Ah Joong is another one of our faves, and this hot, red-orange number is so daring that the fact that she pulls it off makes us want to heap a double dose of kudos.
Plenty more pretty people in pretty clothes were in attendance, but these were our top three. Agree or disagree?
For a complete list of winners, we refer you to allkpop's awesomely comprehensive coverage of the event.
Source: Naver and TV Report