Chinese news outlets have been reporting that the giant panda named Tuan Tuan, who lives in the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan, has passed away due to an illness, but the zoo insists that he is just fine. Here's how Tuan Tuan finally proved that he is still alive.

The Taipei Zoo posted this photo with the caption: "Tuan Tuan says, 'What else is there to say?'"  

(Did they use Panda.Google translation? Haha!)

Oh my, Tuan Tuan actually looks like a hostage in a cage, with newspapers dated May 16 scattered around him.

Canine distemper is a deadly illness for the giant pandas. So when news came from China that Tuan Tuan had died of the illness, people paid attention. Fortunately, Tuan Tuan is just fine.

Not only is Tuan Tuan alive and well, his mate Yuan Yuan and their cub Yuan Zai, born in 2013, are also fine, said the Taipei Zoo.

This rumor has come at a sensitive time. Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan were named for "Tuan Yuan," meaning "Reunion," when they were given to Taiwan by China as a goodwill gift in 2008 to symbolize the hope for an eventual reunification between Taiwan and China. However, Ms. Tsai Ing-wen, the first female President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), is to be inaugurated on May 20, and she came from a political party that has been strongly against the reunion.

Tuan Tuan's photo refuting his death must have worked, as Chinese media including and People's Daily have issued retractions. 

It's a great relief to know these beloved giant pandas are alive and well. No more rumors, ok?

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