We've all been scared of bugs before, but normally we don't get the authorities involved. That was not the case with a college student in Kaohsiung, Taiwan who recently frantically phoned the police after she discovered that a cockroach was flying around the room.

Taiwan’s Eastern Broadcasting Network reported that the 20-year-old college student panicked when she saw the bug, which was four centimeters in length, and called the police. The only audible thing that the police were able to hear her say was, "Hurry, save me!” So naturally the authorities darted to the scene only to discover it was a bug that she was worried about.

The police did the best they could to get rid of the bug, but many netizens believe that the whole thing was a big waste, commenting:

"Why are there suddenly more and more ridiculous news from Taiwan?!"

"Detain her for 5 days and she’ll grow up and mature."

"Come on, this is way too ridiculous."

"Cockroaches fly?"

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