People often talk about doing it, but writing and actually finishing a book is quite a feat. So when paralyzed 62-year-old Gong Xunhui from China finished her 318-page autobiography without the use of her hands, she proved that you can do anything you want if you only put your mind to it. 

Gong Xunhui suffers from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, often called ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease, which is a neurological disease that attacks  a person's nerve cells that control voluntary muscle movement. ALS will eventually cause the death of these cells, and eventually, in most cases, the death of the patient within five years of his or her diagnosis. 

Since being diagnosed 13 years ago, ALS has been doing damage to Gong Xunhui's nerve cells, up to the point where now she can only move her eyes and a few other muscles in her face. But Gong always wanted to write an autobiography. So about three years ago, her family purchased for her an eye-tracking device that helps her communicate with others and also control a computer, and Gong set out on telling her life story. For ten months, she wrote for an astounding 15 hours a day. But writing in her case is not the way most healthy people write. She would write by the use of her eyelids, blinking a certain number of times for every single letter that makes up a word. Her inspiring will and dedication resulted in a 150,000-word, 318-page book titled Beautiful Frozen, which chronicles her childhood, young adulthood, and her long struggle with the disease. By writing this book, Gong's wish was to inspire other people who suffer from ALS to not lose hope and still live as happy a life as they can. 

May her life and her story be an inspiration to us all.

Gong before her diagnosis

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