Everyone knows who Paris Hilton is and what she does, but few people know what car she drives. The beautiful Hilton Princess drives a pink $220,000  Bentley Continental GT which catches everyone’s attention on the streets of Los Angeles. It’s not just a regular pink Bentley; from wheels to interior, every single part is personalized with Paris Hilton's signature, with pink leather seats and dashboard. Her Bentley was modified by the famous car tuning team West Coast Customs, and Paris was really impressed by the result.


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She never goes out without proper fashion wear similar to her car, so attention to details is very important for the beautiful celebrity. Being a real Barbie fan since her childhood, Paris is the perfect real Barbie girl wearing a pink purse and a beautiful dress completed by pink high heeled shoes. She is a real diva and a blooming appearance every time she goes out in public, and that’s why Paris Hilton has a lot of fans.

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