If someone were to ask you who you though had the best smile amongst Korean actors...chances are that Park Bo Gum would be one of the first people to pop into your head.  Known for his dazzling smile that (almost) never leaves his face, Park has become one of the iconic smiles in the Korean entertainment industry.  However, even Park Bo Gum can have moments of anger and unhappiness too...he is human after all...but how he handles anger can only be said to further his charming personality. Want to know what adorably cute thing Park Bo Gum does when he is really angry? Read on to find out!~

Recently actor Kwak Dong Yeon was interviewed about his experiences on the set of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. According to Kwak, one of the perks of working on the drama has been developing a close relationship with fellow actor, Park Bo Gum. During his interview, Kwak revealed some very interesting information about his co-star! 

Commenting on Park's personality, Kwak Dong Yeon confessed that their first encounter was...well...awkward. Reminiscing about their first encounter on the set of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Kwak recollected

“I was getting make up done in the car when the door opened and Park Bo Gum came in. After we said ‘Hello,’ an hour of silence followed.” Going onto admit that,

"Park Bo Gum has a very reserved personality. Becoming close with him was a struggle. Just trying to talk in informal speech took two hours.”

However, the really big reveal about Park Bo Gum's personality came when Kwak went onto describe how Park handles being angry!

“Now that we’re close, we often have deep conversations. He is kind, but when you think about it he’s also human. He gets angry too. When he’s extremely upset, he expresses his anger by saying, ‘I’m super jjamppong’ (in place of pissed), jjamppong is the name of a spicy seafood noodle soup."


How can Park Bo Gum be so amazingly cute even when he is angry?!?

What do you think about angry Park Bo Gum? Would you want to see him angry? Let us know what you think below!


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Starring Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung

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