Flower boys are BFFs! Last week, the Answer Me 1988 hottie Park Bo Gum told BNT News about his dear friendship with Moorim School  hearttrob Lee Hyun WooPark Bo Gum honestly admitted that Lee was the one who initiated the friendship. Lee may have been his senior in the industry, but that didn't stop him from reaching out to make a great friend. 

“I met Lee Hyun Woo for the first time at my university’s entrance ceremony. At the time, he was really friendly to me, and he even said that he enjoyed watching Blind. I’m really grateful that he reached out to me first, even though he was the sunbae (older in seniority). He’s a sunbae, and a friend, that I am thankful for.”

Park also revealed that they talk often and support each other. Lee Hyun Woo even said something positive about Answer Me 1988 that made him feel uplifted. 

Park Bo Gum just returned to South Korea after filming in Namibia for the reality show Youth Over Flowers. His buddy currently portrays idol Yoon Shi Woo in the action series Moorim School.

So nice! A senior actually praised his junior in the industry, and they are the best of friends now. 

Would you love to see these two show off their bromance on-screen in an upcoming drama?.


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