Park Bo Gum helped Go Kyung Pyo's family in a big way without much effort!

On a recent episode of tVN's Life Bar, the Cross actor made an appearance to publicize his new series. During his chat with the hosts, the topic of Go's family came up and he recounted a funny story involving his former Answer 1988 co-star, Park Bo Gum. "My parents run a noodle restaurant in Incheon. They declared they wouldn't rely on my reputation and succeed on their own, but now they are quite different. I was busy with Answer Me 1988 when Bo Gum went to Incheon to say hello to my parents," the star explained.

"They took a picture with him and hung it up on the wall. Since then people think it's Bo Gum's restaurant. It was cute the way my father used his reputation and not his own son's. I thank Bo Gum for doing that. Now they changed the picture to mine because so many people asked questions."

In the new series Cross, Go Kyung Pyo stars as a doctor straddling the line between good and evil as he tries to get revenge for his father's murder. Fans are loving his emotional performance, which we also see more of in his past productions like Jealousy Incarnate and Tomorrow's Cantabile.

What do you think of his current role as Dr. Kang In Gyu?

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Sources: Via Via/ Image Credit: Ceci Korea