Just recently, Park Bo Gum shared some pretty intimate details to a Taiwanese paper about what was going on with his life, his feelings about acting, and his relationship with fellow actor Song Joong Ki, who the 23-year-old looks up to and considers to be like an older brother. Keep on reading to find out what exactly was said by the humble young star in this exclusive interview.

When the first words that come out of your mouth when being interviewed are, "I'm still lacking a lot," that gives a pretty good indication of your mindset. Those are the words used by Park Bo Gum to describe himself, despite the success that he has achieved as an actor in a hyper-competitive industry. The young man is not only talented, but about as humble as one can be. "While there are many fans cheering for me now, I don’t want to forget about my original intentions of acting, continue to be modest, and scold myself when necessary," said the actor. "If you smile, blessings will come, and happy opportunities will surround you." Pretty wise words for a 23-year-old, who credits none other than Song Joong Ki for helping him along the way. "He usually buys me lots of delicious food and gives me acting advice. He sounds very wise. He is basically a brother to me." 

When you're young, it's always an added bonus to have someone close to you and a little older to be there for you when you need someone. But it seems like Park Bo Gum  doesn't really need that much guidance, as he seems to be as grounded as any young man his age could be. When asked what he thinks he'd be doing if he wasn't involved in movies and television, he replied, "If I was not an actor, I would want to be a music teacher or a Korean language teacher. A job where I can teach someone seems really good."

Young, talented, and humble. As successful as he already is, it's obvious that this versatile actor has a very bright future ahead of him.



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