If Park Bo Gum weren’t a celebrity, he could’ve been any one of our boyfriends, right? The Moonlight Drawn by Clouds actor shared his casual spring boyfriend looks with Toast magazine. In the accompanying video, he wonders aloud, “What would I be doing had I not become a celebrity?” He also rhetorically asked what he’s been preoccupied with, then answers, “I want to give skateboarding a try.”

Toast magazine dressed Bo Gum in comfortable, understated outfits, using striped shirts of different designs, shorts, chino pants, leather sandals, white sneakers, and a pink baseball cap. It’s not hard to imagine Bo Gum playing with the baseball or skateboard during the photoshoot.

This seemingly casual shoot was created with the cool concept of "phono sapiens", which alludes to people who can’t live without their phones. Bo Gum reimagines a phono sapiens planet as he poses with a backdrop of a worn-down warehouse. In one of the photos he’s sitting on a steel chair with electric chords scattered on the floor. This photo seems to suggest a disconnected society, though we’re more connected than ever through the power of the internet.

Earlier this year, Bo Gum said he can’t wait to film a new drama soon. He confessed, “I've been thinking more and more that I want to say hi again in a new drama. I hope to be able to share some good news soon." He’s made a short appearance on the reality show Hyori’s Homestay, Season 2, where he and Girls’ Generation’s Yoona help Lee Hyori and her husband, Lee Sang Soon, run a bed and breakfast.

What kind of shows would you like Bogummy to return in? Comment below!

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