Park Bo Gum is being very careful about his next project.

The 24-year-old actor is in no hurry to find the follow-up to his 2016 hit series Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. While fans anxiously await news of his next production, his agency, Blossom Entertainment, assured the public that Park Bo Gum is taking his time choosing his new role.

 "He has not found a specific project or role that fits him. There's no special reason or anything like that. He is currently open to many suggestions and is carefully looking into all the possibilities. Nothing has been confirmed yet at this time."

An insider seemed to agree with his agency by stating that he is definitely taking his time. "From Park Bo Gum's point of view, he doesn't need to rush. He will still receive many love calls whether he takes his time or not."

While the waiting game continues for fans, the heartthrob's name has been linked to several productions since Moonlight Drawn By Clouds wrapped in October 2017. Director Lee Yong Joo's film Seo Bok, historical movie Ansi Fortress and tvN fantasy drama Hwayugi were all rumored to cast Park, but he passed on them. Blossom Ent even confirmed that he won't join an upcoming Netflix series based on a popular webtoon. 

The sky is the limit for Park Bo Gum! It would be great if he chose another series so his fans can see him every week. However, the decision is completely up to him and his company.

Do you think Park Bo Gum's project will be another South Korean production or an overseas project? 


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