Fan's of Park Bo Gum already know that he loves to take and post selfies...and we love him for it! If he is willing to share those charming and adorable pictures with us, we are more than happy to fawn over them. However, recently it is not his selfies that have been garnering the attention of netizens, but rather his...unique...selfie habit. Perhaps you already figured out what the habit is from his past pictures, but if not, be sure to read on and see for yourself!

While most people have a trick or two they use to make their selfies stand out, Park Bo Gum seems to have his own unique take on the matter when taking a selfie with his friends. Oh...and did I forget to mention that it is absolutely adorable?

A quick scroll through his (and friends) social media pages will reveal that Park Bo Gum tends to make the same face (or take the same pose) as the person he is taking the picture with. Whether it is a bright smile, goofy face, or even a specific pose, Park Bo Gum tries to imitate whatever the other person is doing.

Don't believe me? Well...take a look for yourself!

Notice the hands and the eyes?

Perhaps the open mouth smile...

How about those gorgeous wide open eyes?

They both have beautiful and charming smiles don't they?


Such cute shy smiles...

I think you got the idea!

What do you think about Park Bo Gum's adorable selfie habit? Did you already know before someone pointed it out? Tell us your thoughts below!


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