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After topping the South Korean box office last month, the Park Bo Young rom-com is making it's way to international audiences. Your Wedding (aka On Your Wedding Day) is about a young man (Kim Young Kwang) learning that his high school sweetheart (Park Bo Young) is getting married to someone else. To celebrate the film's imminent premiere on DramaFever, we can revisit some of Park Bo Young's on-screen loves over the years and remember our favorites.

1. Your Wedding

Kim Young Kwang plays a heartbroken guy named Hwang Woo Yeon who receives a wedding invitation from his first love. When he saw her high school, he fell in love with Hwan Seung Hee (Park Bo Young) at first sight.

2. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik) was smitten with Bong Soon (Bo Young) as soon as he witnessed her superhero strength for the first time. She even saved his life (and a busload of other people) prior to their first meeting.

3. Oh My Ghostess

Park 's character Na Bong Sun harbored a secret crush on Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Suk). When a seductive ghost possessed her body, she was finally able to get his attention.

4. A Werewolf Boy

Song Joong Ki was the supernatural werewolf named Chul Soo who just happened to get attached to a human. Soon Yi (Park) was the girl who worked her way into his heart.

5. Collective Invention

Lee Kwang Soo spent a good amount of time in a fish costume in this film, because he played a man named Park Goo who suffered unthinkable side effects from a experimental drug. He was the boyfriend of fame seeker Ji Jin (Park)

Who do you think Park Bo Young had the best chemistry with?

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