Park Bo Young chooses projects based on her own life experiences.

During a recent interview, the Strong Woman Do Bong Soon actress became very candid about her family's reactions to her kiss scenes, how comfortable she is during cute romantic scenes and when she will transition into melodramas. All of her responses were surprising, especially the fact that she has never been in a serious relationship.

The interview was jump-started with a question about the increasing number of kiss scenes in her latest projects. How does she feel about them? "Do you think I’ve shown improvement? My parents saw the kiss scene in my previous project and were very surprised. This time, I didn’t tell my parents about the kiss scenes. I feel like this word is banned from our house," she honestly admitted.

Was she nervous when it came to filming those cutesy love scenes that gave us all the feels? Park Bo Young doesn't tune into negative feelings when she has a job to do.“I didn’t have any time to be nervous. For one of the scenes, we had to go to Yeouido Park in Seoul to film the scene with the cherry blossoms in the background. But when we got there, there were so many people, so I told Park Hyung Sik , ‘Let’s film this quickly and leave.’ Although people passing by were watching us film, due to the hectic environment, we didn’t feel nervous.”

The 27 year-old star hasn't transitioned into more melodramatic roles, because she's never been in a serious relationship. Park feels she can't portray something she hasn't experienced in real life. “I have yet to be in a relationship serious enough for me to have endured the pains of heartbreak and be choked up in my emotions. This is why I haven’t taken up a melodramatic role yet. I don’t want to lie and make up my emotions. I chose Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and A Werewolf Boy because it was about a fresh, new romance. If I ever come out with a very serious, romantic project, you should know that it’s because at that point, I would have experienced a very agitated relationship.” 

The lovely actress concluded her interview by promising to return with a quality production after she takes some much needed time off to rest.  

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon ended her 2 year K-drama hiatus following the TvN hit Oh My Ghostess. Will fans have to wait another 2 years to see her on the small screen again? We hope not! In spite of that possible reality, her fandom will welcome her with open arms when she makes her comeback.

What did you think of Park Bo Young's interview responses? Did her relationship confession shock you? 

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