Although the popular drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has come to an end, it seems that for actress Park Bo Young the character of Do Bong Soon was much more than just a role. In a recent series of interviews Park Bo Young opened up to her fans about how she found traces of herself in the portrayal of Do Bong Soon --  exploring a diverse range of topics from low self-esteem and malicious comments to her abstinence from social media. 

The end of a beloved drama is always a bitter sweet moment for fans, but how do the stars of the completed drama feel? Following the final episode of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, actress Park Bo Young commented that,

“It still doesn’t really feel like [the drama] is over. I felt it a little bit when we watched the last episode all together and everyone was clapping and hugging each other afterwards.”

However, just because the project has come to an end does not mean that there are no lasting impressions for those who took part. During a recent interview Park Bo Young confessed that she very much finds herself in the character of Do Bong Soon,

“I also have a low self-esteem [like Do Bong Soon]. As Do Bong Soon gained confidence in the drama, I felt like I was also gaining confidence at the same time so I really enjoyed it.”

When asked why she has low self-esteem, Park Bo Young explained,

“I think it’s something that developed as I continued to work [in this industry]. I am always thinking about how I appear to others and there is a burden that comes with that. Even when I receive compliments, to me they just sound like things people say to be nice to me. So, at the beginning of the year, instead of a resolution like ‘I’ll do this many projects this year,’ I made a resolution to believe in myself more and to love myself more.”

However, Park Bo Young's struggle with low self-esteem is also what seems to make her more relatable. In another interview Park candidly opened up about how compliments and criticisms affect her and her work.

“I do get hurt by them, but I learn about things I do that people don’t like to see. I think about whether my voice is too whiny or if any of my actions make them uncomfortable. When they tell me I always look the same when I cry, I think of ways to cry differently.”

She continued,

“When people compliment me, I don’t put much meaning into them, but when they say bad things, I take them too seriously. I try to fix this mentality but it’s hard. Personally, I think getting obsessed with yourself is the most dangerous thing. Since I’m a human being, I only want to hear nice things, but I feel like I would just end up believing them and getting obsessed with myself. I don’t want this to happen.”

In light of these revelations about Park Bo Young, we can understand better one of the mysteries about the actress. In a age where being in the public eye has become synonymous with being on social media, Park's social media presence has been conspicuously absent despite her fan's wishes.

“My fans are always upset because I don’t do projects frequently and because I don’t use social media. So, lately, I’ve been using V Live to interact with my fans. Since V Live is a broadcast, I’m able to think about what I want to say and always try to think about what I should and shouldn’t say on a broadcast.”

She went onto say,

“I’m not as careful as I look, which is why I choose not to do social media. It’s really because I don’t trust myself. I’m also very easily influenced by my feelings and will impulsively act on my emotions, which is another reason why I don’t do social media. Instead, I write in a journal every day. There are many benefits to writing in a journal. At first, I started writing in a journal to help me prepare for interviews but now I write in it so I don’t forget any precious memories.”

In an interesting turn of events, Park Bo Young’s agency alerted fans, on Wednesday, that a fake social media account had been activated for Park Bo Young and that any account posts are not from the actress herself!

How do you feel about Park Bo Young's refusal to use social media? Can you relate to how she feels? Let us know below! 

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