The press conference for tvN's upcoming series Oh My Ghostess was held on June 29, and stars Park Bo YoungJo Jung SukKim Seul Gi, and Im Ju Hwan looked gorgeous in bright summer attire. Find out what they had to say about the show's kissing scenes, Kim Seul Gi's typical character type, and more!

Oh My Ghostess follows Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young), a timid sous chef who has had the rare ability to see ghosts since she was a child. However, everything changes when she's possessed by a temptress ghost (Kim Seul Gi) who sets her sights on Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Suk) — Bong Sun's coworker and secret crush!

Press conference:

Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk already look like they have amazing chemistry! Even though Park is a well-respected film actress with an impressive set of roles under her belt, she admitted during the press conference that she was really nervous because she has never had an onscreen kiss before. She first joked, "My parents don’t know yet and it’ll be a big deal when they hear about it” before explaining, “I worried a lot, but Jo Jung Suk oppa guided me well.” I'll bet he did....

Jo Jung Suk talked about his side of the kiss, saying, "Bo Young-sshi said it was her first kiss scene, so it felt like I should take the lead, and it made me anxious. I couldn’t help but be aware of Bo Young’s fans, and it made me want to do it even better. As soon as it was over, we high-fived." Somehow, imagining them ending their kiss with a high five makes me love this pairing even more!

Kim Seul Gi, who plays the feisty ghost who possesses Park Bo Young's character, commented on her tendency to play similar types of characters: “Even though they say I keep doing the same kind of acting, I don’t feel pressure to always show a different side. I consider it my strength that I can make a performance fit me as much as possible. More than doing as many different kinds of acting roles as possible, what’s important is how well I can bring to life the characters I’ve taken on." Considering how memorable Kim Seul Gi's past characters have been, she definitely has a good point!

Im Ju Hwan was looking dapper and ready to swoop in with some second lead syndrome as the perfect nice-guy police officer. He discussed the differences between sageuk acting (like his last role in Shine or Go Crazy) and modern acting. Although Korean audiences tend to view sageuks as more difficult, he said that making dialogue relatable in a modern drama was more difficult because historical dramas could hide acting flaws behind costumes and dialogue.

Park Jung Ah also looked stunning in a jumpsuit at the press conference, though there isn't much information available about her character in the drama.

Are you excited for this talented cast? Oh My Ghostess will premiere exclusively on DramaFever on Friday, July 3! Sign up for new episode alerts HERE, and check out the cute trailer below: