Park Bo Young told the world she wanted to film a movie with young Orange Marmalade actor Yeo Jin Goo, but her adorable fangirling doesn't stop there.

The Oh My Ghostess star proved that she has an actual crush on Yeo Jin Goo at a recent interview for her drama's finale. She mentioned her desire to work with him again and even her online searches for him. “Honestly, I’ve said that I wanted to act with Yeo Jin Goo so many times that he may feel a bit overwhelmed. But I really like Yeo Jin Goo. Sometimes, I search him up online and read articles about him."

Her crush is too cute! Noona really seems to care for him. I really wonder what the handsome 18 year old feels about his lovely 25-year-old celebrity admirer. Next month, his war film The Long Way Home, which costars Sol Kyung Gu, premieres in theaters. The film is about two North and South Korean soldiers fighting over a top secret document during the Korean War. 

Do you want to see them work together in the future? What kind of film would you like to see the two stars collaborate in? 

Watch Park Bo Young in Oh My Ghostess:

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