In a recent interview, actor Park Bogum (Answer Me 1998) talked about how he became close friends with BTS's V. Their friendship first gained a lot of interest when it was revealed the two went to an amusement park date together. They have also shown off their bromance by frequently posting support for each other on social media!

During the interview, Park Bogum said, “I was a fan of BTS because their singing and dancing are both really good. V approached me first, saying he knew me through a friend of his who appeared on “Tomorrow's Cantabile.” He told his friend that he wanted to know my contact details, so, he contacted me first and we’ve known each other well ever since.”

Park also mentioned V’s interest in acting, “A while ago, I heard that he was going to act.” When asked if he’s given him any advice, Park said, “No. I didn’t know what kind of advice to give. V usually talks a lot about how he wants to act, so, I told him about things that, as far as I know, would be helpful.”

Park also shared that music is mutual interest between the two.

“We have a lot of interests in composing music and writing lyrics. If I’ll be given the opportunity, I also want to show my music to my fans. As of now, I don’t have superior skills and wide knowledge yet, so I still have to learn a lot. I want to greet (first introduce his music) through an album or an OST.”

We’ll be waiting for that OST Park Bogum!

What do you think of this bromance? Are you excited to possibly hear Park Bogum's OST in the future?