K-pop superstar Park Bom, currently seen as one of 11 celebrities living together in the popular variety show Roommate, has announced a break from the series amid a drug smuggling controversy in which she was accused of bringing amphetamines into Korea from the United States (amphetamines are legal and commonly prescribed in the United States where she grew up, but are illegal in South Korea). She was cleared of charges in 2010.

The re-emergence of this 4-year old story in Korean media has apparently lead to her taking at least a break from filming Roommate. The news agency Segye Ilbo has been especially enthusiastic about investigating the matter, even raising the specter of Park's family being prosecuted in the United States for purchasing the amphetamines for her. Regarding her appearance on the variety program, Park issued a statement saying, "I am very sorry to all for having a great controversy because of me. Because I feel terrible, I don't have the confidence to film 'Roommate'."

Whether or not she will return to the show is yet unclear. According to news reports, she did not attend the 100 day trip planned for cast members, and although filming for the series continues, she has not been filmed for the last 9 days. Producers say that any remaining footage of Park will be presented without edits.