Nail Shop Paris

On the June 7 episode of Nail Shop Paris, Kay (Song Jae Rim) confesses his love to Park Gyu Ri, who reveals that she is actualy a woman, drawing out a scene with a heart-trembling embrace, catching the attention of drama fans.

However, while filming the "embrace scene," Song Jae Rim appeared passive, feeling a bit awkward before physical contact. He felt nervous due to the fact that he was about to film an affectionate scene with "an idol group member," Park Gyu Ri.

Park Gyu Ri, thinking there might have been filming restraints because of her, led the affection scene to ease Song Jae Rim's nervousness by presenting a "physical contact lecture." The actress helped out with the shooting preparations by setting the embracing angle and strength, and carefully matching the hand position.

Because of Park Gyu Ri's "touch care," co-star Song Jae Rim was able to perfectly control his emotions and finalize a perfect "affection scene." With the two's flawless coordination, the earnest affection scene was chosen as the most memorable scene in Nail Shop Paris's seventh episode, making viewers' hearts race.

(source: naver news)