Park Gyu Ri On the May 15, KARA’s agency posted two photos on KARA’s official mobile messenger account, along with the title,“Firing Up in the Below Freezing Weather, Leader Gyu Ri’s Acting Fighting Spirit!” In the published photo, Park Gyu Ri is filming drama Nail Shop Paris while shivering in the brisk cold weather. The picture appeared to be from a shoot in January in nearly minus 20 degree weather with sharp, biting wind raging in. It is said that Park Gyu Ri was applauded by staff for acting and delivering her lines perfectly despite the long hours of outdoor shooting and enduring the cold weather holding a hot pack. This particular scene is from Nail Shop Paris's second episode, which aired on the May 3rd.  The actress's white steam breath and frozen red face amidst the activity in the cold weather was attention grabbing. What do you think of Park Gyu Ri's performance in Nail Shop Paris so far? Tell us in the comments below! (source: nate news)