Nail Shop Paris's tomboyish Park Gyu Ri recently appeared in popular fashion magazine Esquire’s May issue with the theme, "Park Gyu Ri, Goddess Descends." Throughout this spread, her robust and spirited goddess image transforms her into a mature woman, showing a different side of her from that of the flower boy character she plays. 1p3tUBK Stylized in comfortable attire with overall dark monotone colors, wearing a boxy shirt and knitted fabric, the main focus of this issue was Park Gyu Ri’s undecorated, natural look. Additionally, this particular issue maximizes Park Gyu Ri’s mature, feminine features rather than her idol appearance with unexaggerated expressions and gloomy gaze, drawing much attention. 0YT4Vfe What do you think of Park Gyu Ri's natural feminine look? [Source: News Nate, Esquire]