kwonmj33320130529143857_C_00_C_1 According to DSP Media, after filming MBC QueeN's drama Nail Shop Paris, Park Gyu Ri freely strolled along in public in her male-disguise attire. Playful Park Gyu Ri decided to walk around during the crowded hours of downtown Myeong Dong and Apgujeong wearing her disguise: a wig and male clothing that were used on the set. Some people questioned her companion by saying, “Isn’t that Park Gyu Ri?” while most people didn't suspect a thing, walking by Park Gyu Ri without noticing her. But you don't need to see her in person to see her disguise -- Park Gyu Ri’s first leading role drama MBC QueeN Drama Nail Shop Paris is being broadcast every Friday and Saturday nights at 11pm on MBC QueeN and MBC Drama Net. (source: nate news)