Park Gyu Ri KARA's Park Gyu Ri was encouraged by a professional to obtain a license for her best-in-class nail art skills. Currently appearing in MBC QueeN and MBC Drama Net’s nail art subject drama ‘Nail Shop Paris,’ the actress and singer took lessons from a professional art instructor before filming. According to a drama official, Park Gyu Ri and other actors received education at a professional academy for about two months in order to better portray detailed nail art skills. It was said that the professional was surprised by Park Gyu Ri’s big talent in acrylic design as she happened to have a usual interest in it. Slowly yet meticulously completing her work, the professional commented on Park Gyu Ri’s skills, “She has a big talent in nail art. I think she can prepare for her certification acquirement.” Meanwhile, Park Gyu Ri is scheduled to reveal her excellent nail art skills bit by bit in the second half. The show is airing every Friday nights at 11pm. (source: nate news)