Being a Korean celebrity isn't an easy job! Besides the constant demands from fans, the industry has serious expectations, and one of them is maintaining a perfect figure. As she prepares for her latest drama Let's Drink (Drinking Solo)Park Ha Sun talks about how she battled weight gain and pesky reporters!

When asked by the press how she maintains her perfect body at the promotional event for her latest drama Let' Drink, Park Ha Sun confessed it wasn't always easy. "Honestly, when I entered college at 20, I gained a lot of weight because of all the alcohol I drank. I was 22 pounds more than I am now. It was the same while I was active [as a celebrity]. Reporters even said, 'Can you be an actress like that?'"

But rather than letting the negative feedback deter her spirit, the pretty actress diligently charted a health plan to achieve her dream body, eventually reaching her ideal weight. She confesses that now she's finally cast away the image of being unhealthy, saying, "I sent it away through 10 years of dieting." 

We bet besides dieting the actress also worked out religiously. Remember this picture snapped of the actress doing yoga?

Well, we think Park Ha Sun is perfect, regardless of what the number on the scale says! 


Let's Drink (Drinking Solo)

Starring Ha Suk Jin and Park Ha Sun

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