Park Hae Jin gets candid!

In the September issue of The Star magazine, the 33 year-old heartthrob answered the burning question on every fan girl's mind. Is he dating anyone special? What projects can we expect from him next? 

He was very open with the popular publication when he admitted his current dating status contrasts to his photo shoot concept Park Hae Jin's Autumn Romance. "I like the bleak feeling of autumn. I have too much to do so dating right now would be difficult, but I do have confidence that I'll be a good husband."

The Cheese in the Trap star is excited about reprising his role in the film based on the beloved webtoon and K-drama. "In the film remake of Cheese in the Trap, I want to show a more Yoo Jung-like image," he said.

Park also explained that production for his next K-drama Man to Man is scheduled to begin soon, and he is perfecting his skills as an action star by taking lessons in school. He looks forward to taking on new challenging characters. "I worry about whether I have confidence in my acting, or if I'm an actor the viewers can trust. I'm still at a point where rather than getting experimental with my acting, I want to pursue roles that I can portray well."

I loved Park Hae Jin in Seven Princesses, and it was great to see him again in Cheese in the Trap. It was so much more than a typical romantic comedy. The love stories were enhanced by the suspense and mystery. I was on the edge of my seat for the majority of the series. I have no doubt he will continue to do an amazing job in his new projects.

What type of roles would you like to see Park Hae Jin portray in the future? Are there any stars you secretly ship him with? 

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