Park Hae Jin has taken on the lead role for the webtoon-based drama, Cheese in the Trap. He is considered such a perfect fit for the drama that fans of the popular webtoon are excited at realizing their dream cast.

On May 20, Park Hae Jin's agency, WM Company, confirmed that he has been cast in Cheese in the Trap as the male lead character, Yoo Jung. 

The original Cheese in the Trap webtoon series, created by Soon Ki, tells the story of love and conflicts between university student, Hong Seol, and her boyfriend, Yoo Jung, who is known as Mr. Perfect. There is also a love triangle. The athletic Yoo Jung is good looking, gets good grades, and has a nice personality, but he has a dark side. (You can check out the English version of the webtoon series HERE.)

The webtoon series is so popular that for years fans have been making their own dream cast. Reportedly both the author and fans of the webtoon have thought Park Hae Jin to be the best  match for playing Yoo Jung. The production company Eight Works offered the role to Park repeatedly, presumably until he said yes. The match is considered so perfect that they even overlook the fact that Park is 32 years old playing a college student.  

As he prepares for the new role, Park Hae Jin said, "I feel pressured from the high expectation people place on me for the role of Yoo Jung. But I’ll do my best so that I won’t regret my choice.”

No worries, Park Hae Jin. I love everything the multi-talented perfect man has done in acting and as a fashion designer.

Are you excited about seeing Park Hae Jin in the new drama? If you can't wait, check him out in My Love From Another Star and Doctor Stranger.

~ NancyZdramaland

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