Actor Park Hae Jin, most notably known for his roles in My Love From Another Star and Doctor Stranger, lost consciousness at his home during the early hours of October 4. 

After hours of filming for his new cable drama Bad Guys, he returned to his home, where he lost consciousness and had to be carried out to the hospital by his manager, who was there at the time. At the hospital, Park Hae Jin was "diagnosed with edema of the lymph nodes due to fatigue and was told to take several days of rest." Park Hae Jin had been filming 6 days straight without an adequate amount of rest prior to being hospitalized. He did not follow doctors' orders and was back on set after "receiving treatment and resting for just half a day."

His decision to go against doctors' orders was based on the various medical issues the other actors were going through, yet still working. Apparently Kim Sang Joong sustained a neck injury, and Ma Dong Suk not only hurt his leg, but is suffering from shingles! To make their health issues feel light, they've jokingly been saying: "We're Bad Guys with Bad Bodies."

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Bad Guys premiered on cable the same day PHJ had to be rushed to the hospital, and it ranked number one against every other drama airing in that same time slot. I suppose in some weird actor logic way, having a successful drama is worth passing out for. Hopefully Park Hae Jin will try to take better care of himself or at least hang out with an I.V in his arm when he's off set waiting for his next scene.

Do you think Park Hae Jin and the others are being too careless with their health just to film a drama, or no because it's just part of the job?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE