Another drama starring the Cheese in the Trap actor? Yes please! Major crush Park Hae Jin is scheduled to fall in love with his first love's sister on a new Chinese drama Far Away Love. This trendy romantic drama has become a major hit in China, ranking as the most popular according to Baidu. In the drama, Park Hae Jin is a charismatic, cold-hearted CEO who runs a restaurant. He feels deeply hurt by his first love and, by a twist of fate, falls in love with her younger sister. 

The drama, which was produced back in 2013, premiered March 1 in China. Chinese dramas can take several years from production to premiere, according to his agency. In addition to Far Away Love, Park Hae Jin has filmed three other dramas in China. Check him out in the Far Away Love trailer below!

Park Hae Jin is hosting a free fan meeting on April. 23 in Olympic Park in Seoul to congratulate 10 years since debut.

Which role fits him better: sunbae or CEO? Do tell us below!


Cheese in the Trap

Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

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Cover Photo: Courtesy of Dear My Mariposa

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